Care Bears Party

Care Bears 6yr - Stuff Your Bear!




Gina in Kiel , WI.  USA


January 2005



I have an affordable way to have a " Care Bears" b-day party for 6 year- olds. Most of my shopping was done at our local dollar store and Walmart. For about thirty- dollars ($3.00 per child) We had a memorable time and the parents thought I'd spent a fortune. Here's what my daughter Hanna and I came up with:

Rainbow cake! Cutting a tube cake in half standing upright. Dye your own frosting to save on cost. Used care bears from a board game to decorate with,and use funfetti box mix. 

Build a bear workshop! Five inch tall bears ( dollar store)Unstitch the back about an inch, and unstuff. Save the fluff for later. Put Velcro on the backs for ease of opening and closing for the kids after they " restuff" their bears. Make hearts out of foam board or red paper, so each child can give them a heart. Name tags with nice ribbon to write their names and bears names in a rainbow of colors is a nice touch. Tie the tags aroung the bears necks.

Bold colors of bulk tissue paper from the dollar store bunched in a rainbow effect over the doorways and mantle was a colorful way to welcome and serve as a backdrop for group picture taking. Have Balloons in a rainbow of colors! -Build a cloud re-lay game. Use spoons and cotton balls. Each team has to get the cloud made with speed and accuracy. Good activity after the cake and rainbow sherbert!

Make hand made invitations using download pictures from Care Bears website. Very colorful and free. Cut and paste and patience. Your daughters and sons will always remember the time you've spent with them. Hand deliver if possible.

Use household items or borrow from your inlaws multi-colored table cloths to overlap on tables, dye icecubes with food coloring for the punch, paint faces at the party or stamp hands with heart shaped stampers. Kids love that stuff. 

Don't spend a fortune on overdone pinatas and useless " goody- bags" full of junk no parent really wants coming home. Put the money into a meaningful party favor that kids can make, love and remember for a long time. And be prepared to share this with all the parents because they will ask just how you did it!!

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