Care Bears Party

Care Bear -3yr- Crafts and Rainbows




Karma in Nicholasville, KY 40356


January 2005



We recently had a Care Bear themed party for our 3 year old daughter. It consisted of:             

1)Light snacks and cake              
2)An arrival activity              
3)2 games              
4)2 crafts              
5)a departing activity

This party was thrown for kids from a wide age range, and all activities can be used for any age.  

The cake was made using a Wilton car cake pan that we frosted with whipped cream to look like the care bear cloud car. We used rainbow fruit leathers cut out for the windsheild and other details. To make enough cake for everyone, we made cupcakes frosted white and arranged them behind the car as a road. They were then spraypainted to look like a rainbow using the spray food coloring. We also had a fruit rainbow using fruits all the colors of the rainbow arranged to look like a rainbow with cream cheese fruit dip clouds. There were also star shaped sandwiches. We used the paint with water care bear books and put all the pictures on the wall for the kids to paint as they arrived.

There were 2 crafts. The first, we got cotton/poly blend t shirts to fit all the guests for about 15 dollars for all. Then we bought iron on transfer paper that reacts with normal crayons and does not reverse the image, 2 packs for 5 dollars each. Each child drew what their care bear badge would be on the transfer paper and then an adult ironed it on to their t shirt so everyone was dressed as care bears. The other craft was sandy candy. We "captured rainbows" using different color and flavor sugars poured into a plastic tube like sand art.

There was also 2 games. One was a "starcatcher" game. Using poster board and construction paper, I made enough stars for every child to get 2. I numbered the stars. Then I used magnetic tape and put a small magnet on the back of each one. Then I took sticks (I used confetti sticks that I got at a dollar store, but dowels or wands of any kind would work) and applied the same magnetic tape to one end.

Last, I took enough prizes (also bought at the dollar store) to match the stars and gave them corresponding numbers. After taking a bag of poly fiber fill and spreading it out to look like a cloud on the floor, I scattered the stars on top so you couldn't see the numbers. Each child "caught" 2 stars using their magnet wand and at the end the prizes wih the matching numbers to their stars were handed out.

The second game was pin the heart on tenderheart bear. I used a picture of tenderheart bear and drew him on a piece of posterboard. Each child got a heart with their name on it made from construction paper to stick on him while blindfolded. The closest won a prize.

The last activity was the pinata, and then guests left. All the children took home tons of prizes and I wasn't out much money at all.

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