Care Bears Party

Care Bear Party -4yr- Rainbow Scavenger Hunt




Didi in Escondido, Ca


September 2004


Honorable Mention

Care Bear Birthday Party for 4year old.  We had a wonderful Care Bear party for my four year old daughter. 

We used Care Bear invitations for the party.  We decorated our backyard (it was in the summer) like Care-a-lot.  We used streamers all the colors of the rainbow to decorate the backyard.  We decorated a huge tree in our backyard with the rainbow streamers and hung a stuffed Care Bear ($5 at Target) on each branch.  At the end of the party, each child chose a Care Bear to take home in their goody bag.  Their goody bags were all the colors of the rainbow and I copied a coloring page of Care Bears to glue on the front of the goody bags. 

When the children came to the party, they chose a bag and colored their picture to personalize their bag.  We had one craft and one game for the party.  The craft was to make a Care-a-Lot.  I cut out clouds out of light blue construction paper (two for each child) and cut out suns and rainbow streamers.  The children colored and decorated their suns and clouds with markers, Care Bear stickers, and Stamps.  On the cloud, I wrote "Care-a-Lot" and then the children chose rainbow streamers to hang from the bottom of their cloud.  Then we stuffed their cloud to make it 3 dimensional and I stapled the cloud together with the rainbow streamers hanging down.  I then punched two holes on the top of the cloud and ran some ribbon to tie and hung their Care-a-Lots in the backyard.  It was a fun project that all ages could do (we had children from 2-7 years old). 

The game was a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt game.  We had six buckets with colored construction paper around each bucket.  Each bucket represented a color in the rainbow (red bucket, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple buckets).  I had the children sit with me (outside) and we talked about the colors of the rainbow and I taught them a song that would help them learn the colors of the rainbow.  Then my husband hid each bucket around our backyard.  In each bucket, their was candy the color of the rainbow.  For example, in the red bucket we had red licorice for each child, orange we had reeses peanut butter cups, yellow we had peanut m&ms, green we had Andes mints, Blue we had a back of blue gum, and purple we had purple lollipops.  The children took their goody bags and looked for the candies in the colored buckets.  They loved this game. 

For table decorations, we had all the colors of the rainbow (table cloths, plates, cups, utensils, napkins).  It was very colorful and made for great pictures. 

For food, we had a BBQ, but I made each child a rainbow fruit salad.  I got clear plastic cups and filled each one with red strawberries, orange mandarin oranges, yellow bananas, green grapes, blue blueberries, and purple grapes.  If they wanted a "cloud" on top of their rainbow salad, I gave them whip cream topping.  They loved eating their rainbows along with their other food. 

For the cake, I ordered Albertson's Care Bear Cake and got vanilla ice cream and sprinkled rainbow sprinkles on each of the scoops of ice cream. 

It was a fun party and as each child left, they got to choose their own Care Bear to take home with them in their goody bag.

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