Care Bears Party

Care Bears 6yr - Build a Cloud Game




Boozier in Longview, TX, USA


August 2004



My daughter just turned 6 and wanted a Care Bears party.  We brought together a lot of ideas and came up with a lot of fun! 

INVITATIONS: I purchased cloud scrapbooking paper from the store and printed the invitation on a 1/2 sheet to distribute to her classmates in 1st grade. 

FOOD: Since the party was at 11:00, we decided that we should have lunch for the kids.  We served peanut butter sandwiches cut in the shapes of bears, Teddy Grahams, and fruit salad that was served on an oval platter and designed like a rainbow (strawberries, oranges, green grapes, blueberries, purple grapes).  The punch was frozen Kool Aid ice cubes in all colors with 7-Up in a punch bowl.  Very rainbow. 

CAKE: I always make her cake and this was no exception.  I made a bundt cake and cut in in half to make 2 half-circles.  Take the 2 halves and put the flat sides together.  Stand them up on the "cut" sides to make a rainbow.  I put 2 small Care Bear figurines on either side of the rainbow sitting on clouds and a big number "6" in the middle of the rainbow.  The candles can go across the top and it is very cute. 

DECORATIONS: We have a double doorway that opens into our living room and that was decorated as an entrance.  I used an overhead projector and traced 2 Care Bears (one on either side) welcoming each guest as they arrived.  Across the top was a rainbow of balloons and streamers.  RAinbow streamers were also over the cake table. Behind the cake, we had small paper bags in each color of the rainbow and each child was able to choose a bag with their "goodies" to decorate and take home with them. 

GAMES: Build a cloud - I told the children that since the Care Bears live with clouds and rainbows that we would build them 2 clouds.  Divide the guests into 2 teams.  Place a bowl across the room.  They have to carry a cotton ball on a spoon across the room to the bowl.  At the end of a certain time period, count the number of cotton balls in each bowl and the winning teams get a prize.  I never saw them have so much fun.  If the cotton ball fell, they had to start over.  They were cheering, laughing and having a great time.

Pin the tummy - On a posterboard, I traced another Care Bear, but did not draw the tummy.  Each child received a different Care Bear tummy to pin on the Care Bear.  The closest one received a prize and they could take their "tummies" home with them.

Choose the correct Care Bear - This was very similar to an old fashioned Cake Walk.  I printed the Care Bears and pasted them to construction paper. Put them in a circle.  While the music played, the children walked around the circle and then sat on a Care Bear.  We drew from the bowl and the child on the correct Care Bear got a prize.  This is really good because they did not have to "fight" to get a seat.  They each chose a Care Bear to take home with them.

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