Care Bears Party

Care Bear Carnival -5yr- Carnival Game Ideas




Leslie in Rye Brook, NY


August 2005



This year for my daughter's fifth birthday party, we had a Care Bear Carnival. 

We printed invitations on homemade Care Bear stationary and invited each child to come to a care bear carnival. 

When they arrived, we first had a doughnut eating contest.  To do this, you string powdered doughnuts on a clothesline and line each child up behind a doughnut.  When you say go, each child has to eat the doughnut without using his/her hands!  The pictures are priceless.  We then moved inside, where we had different carnival games and art activities. 

We did a care bear bean bag toss.  I made this game by taking a large piece of plywood (from Home Depot, etc.), cutting out three holes, spray painting it pink and gluing on three large pictures of care bears (one per hole).  We used care bear bean bags to toss. 

We also played "shoot the ping pong ball with a water gun."  To set up this game, I took a piece of styrafome, spray painted it, and put golf tees in it.  Then I took ping pong balls, onto which I glued pictures of care bears.  The balls got set up on the tees and the kids had to squirt them off with a water gun. 

We played Care Bear Ring Toss by putting a large stuffed care bear on a chair and the kids tried to throw hula hoops over the bear. 

Finally, we had a "Fishing for Care Bears"  I took a blow up kiddy pool and put cut out pictures of care bears into it.  Each care bear had a paper clip attached.  Then I took a wooden dowel, onto which I attached a string and small magnet.  The kids had to fish out the care bears. 

For arts and crafts projects, we did spin art and sand art.  The kids were free to move from game to game as they pleased.  I "hired" several of my other (9-year old) daughter's friends to help at each game and they loved it! 

The water gun game takes the most supervision because the guns run out of water.  Make sure to have a bunch on hand so you don't have to fill them up each time. 

We had a care bear cake and a pinata.  It took some planning, but the kids had a great time!

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