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Teddi in Concord, CA, USA


May 2006


Honorable Mention

Here's what I did for my twin girls 1st Birthday party. Obviously the birthday girls were too young for most of this, but we had a lot of kids as guests, so these ideas are suitable for much older kids.  

Games: I had my computer set to www.care-bears.com and had my pc set up as a "games station" where the kids could play the interactive Care Bears games on the official website. We did the "Happy Hearts" game, so that the kids could earn individual scores and I could give out prizes to the winner.  

"Find Birthday Bear" I made little cloud computer print outs and cut out stickers of different Care Bears (leaving the backing ON so the stickers were still good) and taped them w/doublesided tape to the back of the white clouds. You can use a door, a wall, a window (I used these to decorate my french doors). The kids then got to take turns picking clouds and hunting for "Birthday Bear" whoever found him got a special prize. The game was still fun even when Birthday bear was found and there were clouds left, as the kids got to keep the sticks on the backside. The trick though, is to find a Birthday Bear sticker ;)  (I suggest Ebay) 

"Pin the Heart on Tenderheart Bear" I took poster board, found a graphic of Tenderheart bear (made it so it would fit full size on an 8.5 X 11 paper) and cut it out. I then used the computer to cut and paste out the right shaped hearts. Like pin the tail on the Donkey, but instead with a Care Bears theme. You can see what I made here: http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b161/ teddiivey/BirthdayPics023.jpg 

"Smartheart's Name Game" Ok, this was a toughie and took a while to do, you can make a simpler version though, and keep it easy! I hunted down graphics of every single as yet released Care Bears (some new ones are already out!) and printed out wallet size graphics. I cut them out and put them on poster board. I then made up sheets for guests to name all the care bears (they were numbered each next to their photos). I gave them hints (or tricks!) to help them out. The person who could name the most bears won a special prize. 

"Cloud Scoop". A twist on an old baby shower game. Simple game! All you need is a few bags of cotton balls, a scooper (a ladle works well), and a butcket or container of some kind, and a bindfold. You set the kids down in the center of the floor, blind fold them, but the bucket/container in their lap and give them the scooper. Then, drop the cotton balls (lots of them) around them. The one who scoops the most "clouds" wins! The kids will love it!  Decorations:  We did buy the Care Bears 1st Birthday girl stuff (bibs, cups, candles, guest of honor kits). The hats are adorable! These things make great keepsakes.

I also looked around online and found plastic Care Bears bowls for ice cream, and serving bowls. I also found a great Care Bears cupcakes center piece. We made three kinds of cupcakes and they were a hit! Decorated all kinds of ways.   I also went online and found graphics of lots of different care bears. On the PC I just resized them to fit a regular sheet of paper and printed them out (color versions) and cut them out. Visit the Care Bears website, you can also download and print out coloring sheets- the kids love these too.  They made great accents! Here's an example: http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b161/teddiivey/ Dec2005TwinsBDayXmas046.jpg  

Balloons- used Ebay again for great deals on the huge Care Bear Mylars. Went to a local party supply shop and bought latex balloons in every color of the rainbow and rented a large size helium tank (cheaper this way and easier when dealings with lots of balloons).

We made a huge Rainbow Arch, each side teathered by a "cloud" (groupd of white balloons). It ended up being too rainy that day, so we used it inside. But it turned out great. Http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b161 /teddiivey/?action=view&current=BirthdayP ics040.jpg.   But using the rainbow theme you could make different versions of rainbow bouquets these- would make great party favors! 

Food- we chose to do cupcakes, but you can lots of fun with food ideas. Rainbow cookies, rainbow fruit salad, "gingerbread bears", lots of things that your guests will enjoy. Clouds, stars, hearts, rainbows and bears! Just be creative.

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