Care Bears Party

Care Bear - PBJ Bear Shaped Sandwiches




Julia in Keller, Texas, United States


June 2005



This year, we had a Care Bear party for my daughter.

We made invitations by printing out a clip-art rainbow, and then gluing pictures of Care Bears to it. We added fuzz to the ends of the rainbow like clouds, then wrote the party details on hearts and hung them from the clouds using ribbon. We also stuffed the envolopes with glitter. To decorate, we put a big sign in front that said "Welcome to Joke-a-Lot!". We hung rainbow colored streamers from the ceiling, and set up my daughter's Care Bear collection on clouds made of cotton batting.

The guests arrived at 4:00 pm, and we started the night with a pin the sun on funshine bear game. I made a big poster of funshine bear and a sun for each child. We blindfolded them one at a time, spun them around, and had them place the sun on the poster. The sun clostst to the Bear's tummy was the winner, and they got a special prize, like a keychain Care Bear or a Care Bear pencil.

After that, the kids played a scavenger hunt game.Each card clue was a color of the rainbow untill they reached the pot of gold. the team who found the pot of gold first was the winner, and they each got a prize. For example: the red clue would say, "Go to the bathroom and look in the box!" In the box, the kids would find the orange clue, then the yellow clue, and so on.

After this, the kids were kind of hungry, so we ate PB&J sandwiches with sprinkles cut in the shape of bears. We also had some delicious sparkling punch that consisted of 5 cups of pineapple juice and 5 cups of lemon-lime soda. With the sandwiches, the kids also had a rainbow fruit salad (strawberries, oranges,green grapes, and watermellon) and some little sausages with barbaque sauce. After dinner, we made Care Bear slippers. Each child got a plain pair of white slippers to decorate with googley eyes, colored faux fur, buttons, little ears I had sewn earlier that week, and other little trinkets I found around the house.

After the slippers were all finished, we had a Joke-a-lot fashion show. We used a long red blanket for the runway and lined up flashlights on the sides for lights. The kids got in pairs and chose one person to be the designer and one to be the model. Each group got one roll of Scotch Tape and three rolls of toilet paper. They had 45 minutes to make their dresses on the model out of only the given materials. Then the parents were invited to Joke-a-lot to see their Care Bear walk down the runway.

After the fashion show, the kids and parents ate cupcakes with the face of a bear on the front and rainbow sherbert. Each child left with the prizes they won and a bag full of goodies like Care Bear stickers, gummy bears,rainbow suckers, Care Bear card decks, and other little things.

All the kids had a wonderful time, and my daughter will rember her party forever.

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