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Shona in Escondido


June 2009


Special Mention

What a fun theme this was to pull off and all for under $150.  We have done lots of fun birthday parties, but this was by far the best!  

INVITATIONS: I took toilet paper rolls and covered them with red and white striped paper.  Then filled them with an invitation printed on candy paper I had gotten after Christmas at Staples for .25 cents and candy.  Then we took sheets of red cellophane (found on Oriental trade for $2.50 for 50 sheets - I got several colors)and covered the tube and tied each end with curling ribbons to look like candy rolls.   

DECORATIONS: We then proceded to turn our house and yard into a life sized Candyland.  We took old PVC pipe we had left over and wrapped it in red duck tape(found at the .99 cent store) and made an arch over the driveway.  We also wrapped two larger pieces of PVC in red duck tape,and attached a sign painted with the lettering from the board game saying, WELCOME TO CANDYLAND".  We put the sign over the entry way.  I took  colored paper plates ($1.00 for 20 at Big Lots) and placed them back to back to back and then wrapped them with the colored celophane sheets and tied the sides with curling ribbon.  They looked like big candies.  They cost almost nothing to make so I must have made 100 of them and put them up everywhere.  I also purchased fun pool noodles (Dollar Tree) and wrapped them in white duct tape to look like giant candy sticks.  Those were all over the yard as well and then went home as favors.   Each land had a sign like on the game board attached to a red striped poll marking it.  

COSTUMES: The whole family got into the act by dressing as the characters from the game board.  My husband was King Kandy.  I took an old bath robe and glue gunned plastic jelly beans they have at Easter time all over it along with some large swirl Lollypop (ordered from Oriental Trading).  I ordered a king's crown from Oriental Trading and glued gumballs all over it.  I also cut the top off a yard candy cane and put a styrofoam ball on the end with gumballs glued all over it. I was Princess Frostine.  I had a white formal dress with a cape made out of pink chiffon and a snowflake crown we made by glueing large sparkly Christmas snowflakes to a head band.  I made a septer from the snowflakes as well.  My daughter who was the birthday girl was Princess Lolly.  We took a fun dress she had and sewed lollipops all over it.  We also sewed candy necklaces to the straps and gave her a giant heart swirl pop (Walgreens near Valentine's' Day)septer to carry.  I glued gumballs to the top of a cute plastic crown for her as well.  I found the perfect dinosaur costume for my youngest son at a thrift store and glued sparkly plastic Easter egg halves down the spine for Jolly.  We made a brown gloppy costume out of cheap brown fabric for my other son for Gloppy.  My dad was Mr. Mint and wore white pants with a red and white striped shirt and red cap with Mr. Mint written across the front.  My mom was Grandma nut.  She had a dress and apron and made herself a necklace of peanuts and a hat with peanuts glued all over it.    

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: The party started in the living room at the Gingerbread Tree.  I made a large cardboard tree to be the mamma gingerbread tree and painted the top green and used white spray paint to make a face on the trunk. I found 12" red bouncy balls at the dollar tree wrapped them in celephane and attached them to the tree for the apples.  I bought enough balls for each child to take one home as a favor so the balls were hanging from the ceiling all over.  They looked like great big gum balls.  When the kids came into the Gingerbread forest they were each give a colored gift bag and a foamy gingerbread man kit (Oriental Trade after Christmas (12) for $1.19) to make and put on the front of their bag.  I had a gingerbread house left over from Christmas out for them to decorate as well.  I also had the Candyland Movie DVD playing.   

After everyone had arrived and made bags we put the kids into two teams and went to play the game.  I had made the colored board pieces out of painted squares of old panneling so the colored squares led them to each section of the game.  I had a leader for each team draw a candyland game card and move their team to the correct color on the game board.  We all ended up in Candy Cane forest first.  Mr. Mint was there to greet them.  It was our lawn covered with yard candy canes (.25 cents each after Christmas at the .99 cent store) and hard candy mints and candy canes.  Mr. Mint needed help harvesting his mint crop.  So they all ran around gathering as many mints as they could.  The person with the most won a large sized candy cane.    We then moved along the game board to the backyard and Licorice Forest.   I had strung red crepe paper hanging down from our overhang like a forest. Here they were met by the evil Lord Licorice (my brother dressed in black with a black cape and a black hat with licorice glued all around the rim. He had two red pool noodles like giant licorice whips.)  I gave the kids all mini marshmellows to throw at him.  He finally surrendered and gave them all licorice whips.   

FOOD: We then moved to Grandma Nut's house in Peanut Acres.  We made a cute little house fa├žade out of card board with a door painted red.  We had two old silk plants that I glue gunned peanuts to outside the door.  The kids knocked and were greated by Grandma nut who gave them all peanuts and then had them sit down for a picnic lunch of peanut shaped peanut butter sandwiches and fruit and juice boxes.  I made rolled sandwhiches for the adults with sticks stuck in them to look like lollipops.   

Activities/Games: After lunch the kids went down the rainbow bridge (a slide with colored streamers hanging down over it and continued on to the Lollipop Woods where I had made a bunch of giant lollipop from flat styrofoam pieces cut into large circles and then spray painted with swirl design and glitter spay and covered in clear cellophane and stuck onto dowels.  These turned out awesome! The kids then sat in a circle and we played the song "Lollipop Lollipop" (I made a CD of candy songs I downloaded online:  "Good Ship Lollipop Candyman" "Candy Girl" "Sugar - Oh Honey Honey Chocolate" etc.) while they passes around a giant swirl pop.  Who ever had it when the music stopped was given a mini swirl pop (Oriental Trading) and moved on to the Gumdrop Pass.  They continued playing until the last person got to keep the giant swirl pop (Walgreens has these for $1.00) .  

The Gumdrop Pass was our trampoline.  I had spray painted hanging basket liners different colors and then sprayed them with glitter spay to look like giant gumdrops and put them around the sides of the trampoline.  Then I sewed a big piece of felt stuffed with a pillow to the center of the trampoline with dental floss to look like a giant gumball in the middle.  They had to jump over the gumdrop in the center 5 times to earn their gumdrops from Jolly.   

Then they went to Snow Flake Lake.  I had a sparkly snowflake table cloth and white sparkly trees from Christmas and hanging sparkly snowflakes.  Here they made ice cream sundays.  We wrote their names on the bowls and took them to Candy Castle where they would be arriving shortly.    To get to Candy Castle for the celebration they had to go through the Chocolate Swamp.  We have giant mirrors on one wall in our living room which we painted with watery tempra brown paint to say Chocolate Swamp.  The paint ran down the mirror so it looked chocolately.  I arranged the couches to form a blockade at one end of the living room and filled the section with 150 brown balloons (I used marroon as brown are really hard to find).  I hid chocolate kisses under the balloons.  Each child had to find 5 kisses befor moving to Candy Castle.   

Candy Castle was the dinning room.  We strung streamers from the center out.  Then had streamers with half plastic easter eggs glued to them and plastic Easter jelly beans glued on them hanging down the walls on all sides.  I had an old wreath frame I covered with crepe paper and glued jelly beans all over for a jelly bean wreath.  There were a bunch of the 12" colored rubber balls wrapped in cellophane hanging from the ceiling. I had lots of the cello wrapped plates around as well. We even painted the windows with acrilic paint like giant swirl pops.  The table was covered with candy and had painted upside down clay pots with giant swirl pops sicking out of them all down the center of the table. I hung giant candy canes from the light.  

CAKE: The cake was a large rectangular sheet cake.  I made a game board by frosting the cake green with white frosting for snowflake lake aand peppermint forest and brown for Chocolate Swamp.  I used chicklet gum for the game board squares.  Gingerbread tree had a gingerbread man standing there.  Peppermint Forest was covered with mini candy canes and other peppermints.  Gumdrop Mountains had gundrops all over it.  Licorice Forest had licorice pieces.  Peanut acres had a little house made from Nutter Butter cookies and peanuts.  Lollipop Woods had lots of lollipops.  Snowflake Lake was white with little marshmallow icecream cones all over.  Chocolate swamp had chocolate Kisses and Candy Castle was made from mini ice cream cones filled with whipped frosting and covered with colored candies and sprinkles.  Very fun! 

We all ate cake and ice cream in Candy Castle.  Jasmine the birthday girl had a throne at the head of the table made by covering a chair with red fabric and tying large swirl pops to the top of the back of the chair.  Each child was given a foam crown to decorate as well.  The kids all took home their crown a pool noodle a 12" rubber ball and their bag of candy they had gotten as they traveled around Candyland. 

It was the most memorable party ever.  People are still talking about it two years later.  My kids love watching the video of the day.  Lots of work but we all did it together over a long period of time which made it fun.  It helps to plan it early enough to find the after Christmas deals and or Easter candy deals."

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