Candyland Party

Candyland Party -8yr- Stop Lord Hot Pepper




Vicky in Jerusalem, Israel


March 2009


Honorable Mention

I decided to use the Candyland" theme for my daughter's 8th birthday . Since my kids don't know this game I used it only as a basic idea and came up with a new scenario.

The INVITATIONS told the basic story: Lord Hot Pepper got very angry because kids don't like him but they like Candyland. He attacked Candyland damaged it and cast a spell over the Candyland king so that the king forgot his own name. We needed to help all inhabitants of Candyland and in exchange each of them would give us a letter from the king's name. I printed a picture of Princess Lolly as a background for the invitations.

I didn't use a lot of DECORATIONS. Mainly we had balloons all over the room that looked like a rainbow. I also painted a large rainbow and used it later for a game. We had the birthday party in Hebrew and since in Hebrew "King Cake" has 7 letters we had 7 stations. When the kids arrived I told them the sad story of Lord Hot Pepper and Candyland in more detail and explained our mission.

Then we started the journey. Since you usually need some sort of bag for a journey we started out by decorating plates which were used as our "bag" to collect items along the way. I gave the children simple white plastic plates and stickers.

As we played GAMES the children received prizes and put them on their decorated plates. 

For the first game I told them that in order to enter Candyland we have to pass under a rainbow. But in order to pass under the rainbow they needed to taste a food item with their eyes closed and identify what they were eating. I gave each kid something different: sugar lemon coconut carrot etc. Once they passed the taste test they could go under the painted rainbow. I also prepared a map of Candyland.

Our first station was the Candy Field. I told the kids that candies grow in the field and Lord Hot Pepper had uprooted them all and we have to plant them again. Here we played the mummies game. The kids split into pairs. One in each pair was "a candy". The other had to wrap the "candy" into tissue paper and decorate it with stickers. Then we planted our candies in the field to take the picture.

The next station was Gramma Cookie. Lord Hot Pepper broke down her house and we had to rebuild it. Here I gave the kids muffins icing food coloring and various cake decorations and told them to be creative since these are the "stones" for the house. The kids took their muffins home.

Next we went to Gramma Nutt. Lord Hot Pepper hid her nuts in the sand so the kids looked for the nuts which I hid in a pile of rice.

Our next station was Princess Sweetie and we played musical parcel. When the music stopped a kid had to open one layer of the parcel. In each layer there was a small chocolate candy and a task that the kid had to perform. For example "show how you drink cola" or "show how you eat an ice-cream".

The next station was the Chocolate Monster. Here we made chocolate balls and decorated them. Then we went to a candy tree. I hung a lot of candies on a rope and the kids had to cut them down with their eyes closed.

Our last station was the Marshmallow Forest where various marshmallow animals live. We played animals charade. I put the name of an animal on each child's back. The child didn't know what animal he was and the other children had to act out the animal until the child figured out what it was. The children received their 7 letters and had to restore the name of the king from them.

Then the king brought us a CAKE. I cut a chocolate cake into individual portions and using sugar paste decorated each one as a colorful monster. Each monster had a lollipop in his hand. The kids took home their muffins chocolate balls all the candies they received at the stations. Some of them didn't eat their monsters so they took those home too. They all had a great time."

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