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Janie in Chesterfield, MO, united states


August 2009


Special Mention

This year my sis was having her 11th birthday party and she always loves to plan her birthday parties like 3 months in advance so I helped her think of a lot of ideas and put it together.

She wanted the theme to be candyland so for the invites I had seen a cute lollipop invitation on the internet so I decided to try and make one myself. They turned out really cute. What I did was I used word and made three multicolored circles to overlap (each one smaller than the previous) to make it look like a lollipop (I made two of these) and then on one of them I wrote King Kandy coordinately invites you to…" and on the other side I typed "Kelly's 11th Candyland Birthday Party" with all the party details. Then I cut out the two sides and cut and glued a shotened straw to the inside of the two circles and glued around the outside to make the straw the lollipop stick. Lastly I tied a ribbon around the straw. They were adorable. You will want to use cardstock for the circles though.  

For decorations we just chose two theme colors (we chose pink and yellow) and decorated all around the house with those colored streamers and balloons.  Now for the actual party we made it just like the candyland game. I thought it would be adorable if we made a candyland like board and put it all over the house leading to different stations. So we took colored poster boards and cut each one into 12 pieces in red orange yellow green blue and purple. It ended up taking about 18 poster boards to make it around to all the stations since there were 9 stations. For each station we made it go along with a certain candyland character. For queen frostine we did bag decorating (this was the only station that didn’t really go along with the character but we thought we needed to do this one first so that they had something to put there prizes from the other stations in) we used just white paper bags with handles we got from michaels.

Next we did lord licorice. For him we split the girls up into 2 groups and each one was given 1 1/2 bags of licorice bites and they were given a piece of cardboard and it was a contest of who could built the best castle out of licorice bites in 15 minutes using hot glue. They had a lot of fun doing this. Then there was a judge and the winners each got a pack of glow sticks (since they kind of look like licorice).

Next we went on to plumpy. This one was a relay race. They were split up into 2 groups for this one too (this one was outside). So what they had to do was the first person had to bob for a plum then run to the end of the backyard where I put pins with strings around them. They then had to put the pin in the plum and then run to their pine tree (there was one for each team) and hang it on there. The first team to finish each got sugar plum air fresheners we got from the dollar store. This didn’t end up working to well since we realized at the last minute that plums don’t float but the girls had a ton of fun plunging their head under water we just had to fill it with not much water. Also the pins didn’t stay in the plum to well but we couldn’t think of anything else that would stay.

Next was on to gloppy. This one you will definitely want to have outside b/c it will be messy. We had styrofoam bowls that we put gummy worms in at the bottom and then filled the rest with whipped cream. Then whoever got the most gummy worms in 30 seconds with their mouth won. This would definitely work out better with tin pans rather than paper bowls since it didn’t even take them 30 to get all the worms since the bowls were so small. The prize was a bubble thing shaped like a chocolate bar and it also smelled like chocolate. This was also from the dollar store. You will need to be prepared with a wet washcloth afterwards for their whipped cream covered faces. They will also want to put their hair up for this activity beforehand.

Next we went on to do a scavenger hunt for king kandy (I always make a scavenger hunt for all my sisters birthday parties and her friends always love it!) I split them up into teams of 2 (since she only had 6 friends it made 3 teams which was perfect). I made around 8 clues all around the house and I made the teams all start in different places so that they wouldn’t just follow each other. For this we got a bag of lollipops and I taped the clues on the lollipops and colored the sticks each a different color for the three teams. I did one blue one green and one pink. And they were colored for each clue and I gave each team a color and they couldn’t grab any clues that were any other color from theirs b/c although all the clues led to the same place they were each hidden in a different place in that place. The prize for the team who won was they each got a fun striped water bottle with a crazy straw filled with skittles.

Next we moved on to Jolly and for him we did a gumdrop ornament craft.  My sis found this online. We gave them paint shirts for this. We got styrofoam balls and they had to cut off a little bit of the bottom of it and then shape the rest of the ball into sort of a gumdrop shape. Next they were allowed to paint it whatever color they wanted and we supplied them glitter to put on it when they were done painting. Lastly we cut a piece of wire that we then twisted the edges together and just placed it on the top of the gumdrop to make an ornament. This takes a long time to dry and you need to give them plates to do this on and write their names on their plates so they remember to take them home.  Next was on to Mr. Mint. For this we got a candy cane photo frame craft off of orientaltrading.com. 

Before we started all the festivities I took a pic of the group together and then while they were working on the first station I went over to the computer and printed out the pic for each of the girls to put into their frame. They turned out cute. Then for the very last station we went to princess lolli and did another craft we got from orientaltrading.com. It was a lollipop ornament craft and it turned out cute. A few of the girls actually had a little trouble with it though so be prepared to help them.

The party turned out to be a hit and many of them said it was the most fun birthday party they had been to! That’s always good to hear! We started the party at around 4 and we had to take a break in the middle of the stations for dinner and then the stations lasted til about 7. They then went outside and played a little and then came in for cake and presents and then went  back and played a while til we popped in a movie and then just played on their own some more and had a sleepover and were then picked up at 10. Overall I think they had a really good time and I thought it was a huge success!"

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