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crystal in big lake,texas


January 2009


Honorable Mention

My daughter is a big fan of the game candyland,so for her 5th birthday ,we made it Alli's Candyland.

For invitations we sent out a candyland invitation to let everyone know the theme and what events would be going on throughout the party.

For d├ęcor we did every scene in the order that it is on the candyland gameboard. We started with the gingerbread tree, on that I put a green tablecloth and skirt covered it with fringy paper to look like a tree, and in big brown posterboard  letters wrote the gingerbread tree, I also had the gameboard to let the kids know where to go with a singing gingerbread man next to that singing I want candy" because after all it was candyland, I was able to find that after Christmas.  At this booth the kids were given a brown gift bag that said Alli's candyland to put all their prizes in and they were also given tickets for each game that they were going to play .

They followed the colored trail that I made with construction paper to the first booth which was peppermint forest. I had a man there that made very unique animal balloons he was Mr.Mint. I made stands and put peppermints and candy canes on them and also out of construction paper I made a flooring there that was red and white stripes. I made a sign out of posterboard that said peppermint forest in canycane letters. And I also hung candy canes all around that booth they then followed the trail to gumdrop mountians. There I had the balloon dart game since balloons are very colorful and they look like gumdrops  also put a lot of extra balloons stacked on top of each other and taped them a little so they looked like they were floating for the prize there they got a gumball machine filled with gum.

The children then went to Licrorice Forest and there I had licorice bowling. I made big bowling pins out of red and black posterboard and I also hung licorice made out the same thing around. I made this booth kind of spooky by hanging little skull head and black paper. At this booth the kids were given little mugs. They then went to Peanut Acres were I had a clown who was Grandma Peanut from the gameboard. She did an awesome job doing face painting. At this booth I put a green cloth with table skirt again and just threw peanuts around I also had a sign there that said peanut acres.

My next booth was lollipop acres which was a bean bag toss game. I made a lollipop that they had to throw the bean bags threw I made giant lollipop out of a small piece of wood and wooden sticks that I painted whiteand with foam wreaths and colored then with different colors of cylophane. I also made some to han on the wallI made a very colorful sign that said lollipop acres and my prize herwe were rainbow bracelets for girlas and rainbow yo-yo's for boys.

They then went to snowflake lake were I had the duck pond game. I covered the floor with blue construction paperand put some white and blue snowflakes that I found also after Chirstmas all over the floor I also put siver icicles to make it shiny I hung shiny silver and blue icicles above to make it look very wintery.The prize here were some snowflake loolipop rings-- here I had a light blue poster that said snowflake lake in silver letters.

They then went to the chocolate swamp and here I put a brown cloth and skirt my daughter has an alligator golf game were you hit the ball into the gator's mouth so on one end of the table I put the gator's head sticking out like he was coming out of the swamp.On the top of the table I had two very large hershey's kisses that I made by filling foil wrap with newspaper and just shaped them.  They were hard to make but very worth the time.I put chocolate candies around them and dinosours which were my prizes. I made a large sign out of brown and silver letters that said chocolate swamp.

Of course the last stop was Alli's candy castle which I put 2 tables in a v shape covered them with yellow cloths and skirts and at each end I had a 42" inflatable gingerbread man I had I large sign that said Alli's Candyland and happy 5th birthday on it. I hung candies that I made and put lollipop stands around the table like I had made for lollipop acres and also hund some rainbow banners that I had bought everything was very colorful. I used different colored plates, napkins, cups and forks and of course for the kids I bought the candyland themed papergoods.

On my tables I put different colored tablecloths and in for centerpieces I made some squares out of foam covered them with yellow tissue paper put I large rainbow lollipop in the middle and around it different colored suckers I put 2 on each table so all the children got to take one home after the party.I found some little candyland boxes that I filled also with prizes and tied them with rainbow curling ribbon and the children also got one of these.

I also wrapped large poles that were in the building with different colored crepe paper to make thenlook like giant colored candy canesand I had six stand just around the roon with balloons tied on them I used the same stands that I had used for the lollipops and on the sticks I put smaller candies that were also made by filling cylophane with tissue paper.

My cake had Mr. mint on it sayingf happy b-day alli on with the road made out of m&m's and gumdrops trimmed it all the way around.

The children got lots of cool prizes and had a blast and it was well worth it.I also had music playing throughout the party such as I want candy if all the raindrops were ect."

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