Candyland Party

Candyland Party -5yr- Hunt for King Kandy




Jill in Spanish Fork UT USA


November 2008


Special Mention

Invitations: We downloaded a picture from the Hasbro website of King Kandy and wrote below it, you are hereby invited to King Kandy's Candyland party to honor ____ on her 5th birthday.  It will be held at Candyland Castle________ on ______ from 4-6pm.  Please contact the royal party planner with any questions:____"

Decorations: I got a refrigerator box and cut out a doorway on each side of it attached a top piece that looked like castle battlements and painted it all to look like a castle with big stone blocks and cracks.  I put a sign up top that said Welcome to Candy Caste.  Come on in.  We then hung a red plastic tablecloth cut into 2 inch strips from the opening.  My daughter's birthday is at the end of September when it's warm so we left the front door open and put the castle in front of the door for the kids to walk through.  I hate answering the door a million times for each guest so this solved the problem.  I made "lollipops" from spiral-painted cardboard circles cellophane and dowells that I lined the walkway up to the front door with.  I also pulled out our light-up candy cane Christmas decorations and put them along the walk as well. 

Inside I made a pathway from construction paper all through the house to  look like the Candyland path to each room we were going to be using.  I made a huge balloon archway to resemble the Rainbow pass and put it in the hallway going into the sunroom.  I used wire hangers my husband undid and connected them in a rainbow shape.  Then I blew up balloons in all the rainbow colors and threaded the wire through the tied end of the balloon.  It was really easy but time consuming.  I made "peanuts" from cardboard and dowells that lined the way to Grandma Nut's house.  At each station I hung up pictures of the different Candyland characters which my husband scanned into the computer from the game cards and blew up.  

Activities:  As the girls arrived at the party I had a table set up in the entryway with small goodie bags markers and stickers which I had them decorate while everyone else arrived.  These would be used to collect their loot as we made our way thru the game.  When everyone arrived I told them Evil Lord Licorice had kidnapped King Kandy and our job was to go through Candyland and find him before it was too late.  My daughter was the leader and I had her draw a card from the stack of game cards to move around the house to each station.  We went to Plumpie's first in the living room.  I had stuffed purple gumballs into purple balloons then blew them up and hung them from the ceiling with green crepe paper.  The girls had to pull down the "plums" from the "tree" and pop them to find all the gum.  Some of the girls wouldn't participate but only a few were shy about it. 

Next was Mr Minty which was outside.  I had bought some striped plastic toys that we shaped into rings.  I put red duct tape around some wooden stakes which we hammered into the ground.  The girls had to stand behind a taped line in the grass and try to ring a "candy cane".  I gave them a peppermint patty when their turn was up.  Next we went under rainbow way to Grandma Nut's house which was in the craft room.  I took my daughter's small plastic pool and filled it with white styrofoam packing peanuts and small reeses peanut butter cups.  The girls had to dig through the peanuts to find the candy. 

Next was Jolly.  The girls made necklaces using red yarn gummy lifesavers froot loops and other gummy holed candy.  Then we went to Princess Lolly's where we made lollipop crowns.  I made "suckers" from painted cardboard circles cellophane and dowells lining the way to Lolly's palace.  I got Burger King crowns and covered the BK logo with a small picture of Lolly I printed off the computer.  The girls then taped dum dum suckers all over the crown sticking up.  I'm sure somebody more creative could come up with a better activity for this one.  Next we went on to Queen Frostine's in the kitchen.  I had made several dozen snowflakes which I covered in glitter and hung from the ceiling with fishing line.  I also hung up a pink plastic tablecloth from the dollar store and the girls went fishing in the ice cream sea.  They got stuff like bracelets and ring pops from Frostine. 

Next we had to go to Gloppy's in the family room.  I downloaded songs with candy in them like "if all the raindrops" the Candy man Sugar Sugar etc and played them while the girls passed around a jar of molasses while sitting in a circle.  Whomever got stuck with it when the music ended got out of the gloppy muck and got to come to me for a chocolate.  Then I told the girls we were getting close to finding King Kandy and they had better be on the lookout for evil Lord Licorice. 

Just then my husband dressed as Lord Licorice came into the room cackling and telling them that he wanted to be king and they'd never find King Kandy again.  He wore all black including a cape my daughter's black witch hat (which resembles a crooked stove pipe hat more than a pointed witch's hat) and the funny nose and glasses things you can buy at the dollar store around Halloween.  I had equipped the kids with "candy spray" (silly string) and told them to use it on Lord Licorice if he attacks.  My poor husband didn't have a chance to defend himself or cackle for long as the kids attacked him without mercy.  The silly string was a big hit but VERY messy and hard to clean up.  I wouldn't recommend using it in the house.  We still have remnants of it on our fireplace.  My husband fled upstairs which thankfully the girls couldn't follow as the bag-making table was in front of the stairs. 

WE went outside next.  I had tied red yarn from the door handle on the back door and looped it all around various items on the patio.  They had to follow it around planters and the patio table and so on criss-crossing all over until they found King Kandy.  I told them Lord Licorice had left a licore trap for us and was probably hiding King Kandy at the end of it.  One of the girls made it to the end where I had taped a picture of king Kandy.  I gave her a prize of candy.  We had presents and cake and ice cream last.  We also had pizza.  

Cake:  I made a regular 9x13" cake which I frosted white.  I then made the candyland trail with starburst and used candycanes gum drops lollipops candy ice cream cones chocolate frosting and other candy items to symbolize the different candyland characters.  I was going to make small pictures of each character and put them on tooth picks to stand beside their area on the cake but I ran out of time.   This party was a blast to throw.  It has been my favorite party yet to throw.  I wish my daughter would remember it better but it was so fun for me to put together.  It cost me about $100 and several hours of work to put on but it could be done for cheaper if one had more time to bargain hunt.  I did not. My daughter's cousins still talk about the time their Uncle Scott dressed up as Lord Licorice.  I did all the work and he got all the glory! "

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