Camping Party

Camp-Out Party 6yr - Pancake Cake




Jenifer in Tehachapi, CA USA


August 2010


Honorable Mention

Who doesn't luv a CAMPOUT?! My son was approaching his golden bday" this yr. 6 on the 6th.  We decided since this summer we did lots of camping away from home why not open a camp @ home Camp "Golden" Rod (my sons name)! 

For INVITATIONS I wanted to do something different something that would b multi-usable.  I found backpacks flashlights batteries compasses glowstix and h20 guns @ the dollar store.  I put the goodies into the backpack & made an invite to match a camping registration info including; their name(this way during party we no whos whos) check in/out date check in/out time camp site(r address) camp requirements(sleepn bag fav pillow long pj's swim gear & readiness 4 a gr8 time) instead of rsvp we included cancellation info to contact camp host(myself) & my #.  I took the look of the camp reg from a state park and mocked it. After printing I glued 2 a piece of cardstock for stabilty & made a fake map 2 camp site 2 attach 2 back (4 this I used a book of road maps from dollar store cut 2 size & printed a small piece that said camp golden rod 2 glue on map).  We attached each kids registration to their own backpack & hand delivered.  This backpack now became their INVITATION CAMP BAG & GOODY BAG all in ONE!!! 

DECORATIONS/SET-UP were so simple.  Since we have a little property we set up r travel trailer in the back as the Camp HOST where we could use the kitchen couches & bathroom.  While waiting 4 kids 2 arrive we had golden rocks scattered in the yard.  As the kids found the gold they brought it up 2 a container @ the host trailer.  Lines were marked on the container.  As they reached a new line they earned rewards. First was bigger h2o guns then their swimming noodles 4 later & finally bubbles.  Once all kids had arrived so did my camp counselors(my teenage son and several of his friends) and it was time 2 set-up camp.  Everyone worked together to set up 2-2man tents.  They all helped and took pride in their work!! For a SNACK I made a simple "camp snack" which consisted of popcorn stick pretzels & m&m's.  I pre-filled a white trashbag w/ingredients but once kids were there I twirled it around like I was mixing then then poured into a popcorn tin where they could scoop out their own in2 brown bags.  We roasted hotdogs & had chips 4 dinner after set-up. 

ACTIVITES were 2 include a night swim & a flashlight scavenger hunt.  R town has a rec swim @ the high school pool where we took the boys & counselors for a "swim in the lake".  We were there from 8:30pm-9:30 during which time I had my sis setting up the hunt in the back yard!  We returned back to camp & each boys backpack w/pj's were waiting in living room. 

Once they were dry and ready they got their flashlights out & headed out back for a flashlight scavenger hunt.  I made simple clues the counselors read & they guessed the location.  Example: Clue #1. Camp host is puzzled. She misplaced her clue on the steps of her house.  Put the box together and u might get a clue. Hint: Make use of the clear tape in box and table There was a 25pc puzzle on trailer steps that I had glued a clue on back of.  Once the puzzle was pieced they could tape & turn over.  Clue #3. You climbed the mountain time to jump to the sky!  Its big. Its round. If you get on top & do a flip you might find something 2 celebrate with! I had placed a zip bag full of party hats and blowers in middle of trampoline. Clue #9. There was a black trash bag filled w/a ballon 4 each kid. They were instructed by last clue to pop it.  Each kid popped their balloon & a piece 2 the next clue was in each one.  We had a total of 9 clues which led the kids 2 the trailer where their smores and hot chocolate bags were their final surprise! 

My husband during the hunt had the fire ready 2 go and the kids sat around & ate smores drank the coco n talked about their day!  We did r final potty run and off 2 the tent we went.  We read a goodnight story and by the end they were all ready to set off to ZZZZZland!!!  That night myself & my 2 female counselors slept in the trailer and woke up early 2 make breakfast right out of the trailer. We fried up a whole bunch of bacon and made french toast.  The french toast was stacked like a "camp cake" and we stuck his bday candles in it & sang happy bday!!! 

After breakfast we opened gifts rolled up and stuffed the kids belongings in large trash bags and labled then played some tag team hide & seek.  Check out time was 10am.  The kids couldnt stop thanking us 4 the party and all the parents were now shaking their heads wondering what they would have to do for their kids next party...sorry moms!!!  Just some advice also if u plan on getting the kids wet w/suits and towels hang a clothesline somewhere in the yard to hang and dry all their belongings.  By the way, our total count including counselors was 16!!! What was I thinking!!!  "

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