Camping Party

Camping Party 7 & 9yr - Tents in Backyard




Jessica in South Jordan, Utah USA


July 2010


Honorable Mention

My 2 daughters have birthdays that are 2 weeks apart. One daughter was turning 9 and the other was turning 7. I decided to let them have a combined camping party.

INVITATIONS:We made really cute invites that said Camp Harris on the top and a poem that said- Macie just turned seven and Madison is turning nine, We want you to join us if you would be so kind. We'll camp in tents and roast marshmallows over a fire, And play games til late when it's time to retire. So join us for fun, giggles, and an overnight stay, Bring a pillow, a sleeping bag, and comfy PJ's. You won't want to miss this party of the year,  So show up with energy and a smile ear to ear! At the bottom of each invite we put our address as the camp site, the date and time and RSVP the camp director (me). I also added that we would serve dessert and breakfast and that there was going to be a mom sleeping in each tent.

COSTUMES: We then went out and bought 2 different colors of bandanas for each team. My 7 year old's friends were yellow and my 9 year old's friends were red.

DECORATIONS: The set up was pretty basic. We set up 2 huge tents, 2 picnic tables and a fire pit. It looked like a real camp site in my backyard. I had smore stuff ready to go along with the skewers and a lot of chairs set up for the kids around the fire pit. The skewers were super cheap at Walmart.

GAMES: As guests arrived we had handed them the appropriate bandana color to tie on where ever they wanted. We then gave each team a poster board. Each team had to come up with their team name, write it on the poster and decorate it. After all of the kids had finished and showed off their name we staked the posters in front of each teams tent. It was now time for games. You can do any kind of games for this party. We chose the spoon and marshmallow race, pass the lifesaver with straws in your mouth and last, was a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood.

FAVORS: Whenever a team won an event they received a prize. Most of the prizes were for everyone, however, the winning team chose first. We handed out flashlights, fake bugs, glow necklaces and candy.

CAKE: By this time it was getting dark so we opened presents and ate cake. For the cake I made an ice cream cake. Nothing fancy, just press cookie crumbs, I chose oreos, into a 9x13 dish. Then press softened ice cream on top. Freeze, then crumble the oreos on top. We wanted it to look like a dirt cake with flowers and worms, so we added fake non-edible flowers all over with worms crawling all over and added candles that said Happy Birthday". It was really cute and a big hit.

ACTIVITIES: After all that we fired up the camp fire and gave everyone skewers and smore stuff. We ate smores and told scary stories around the camp fire. While my husband entertained the kids with that I had 1 more game for the kids to play. A while back someone gave me a bunch of beanie babies. I went out in the grass and scattered these all over. When the kids were ready for bed I had them each find their flashlights for a critter hunt. They each found a little critter to cuddle with in bed. Between my 2 girls we had 25 kids sleepover that night. Getting them into bed was not as bad as I thought so all and all it was a long but pretty easy night and so memorable. This was a fun party for all ages and genders.   "

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