Camping Party

Camping Theme 4yr - Going Fishing




Sharon in North Port, Florida, USA


April 2004


Honorable Mention

I recently had a camping themed party for my four and and five year olds' birthday party.

I made tent invitations easily out of paper lunch bags (you get three per bag) and drew some tent details on the outside. The inside said "Come to Camp(Your last name)." I put rsvp to Camp Director Noah and Camp Counselor Lukey. They were fast, inexpensive, and really set the tone for the party.

The party was set up in the back yard, complete with a large fire pit that I dug right in the middle. I put lots of folding camping chairs around it and it really looked like a campsite. Each guest was given a small, necklace flashlight as they arrived for when it got dark.

First, we played the mosquito bite game. Everyone was given some bug stickers and had to 'bite' people without getting caught. If you got caught putting a sticker on someone, you had to take back your own sticker and one from the person who caught you. 

I set up a six person tent and scattered lots of little prizes on the floor. Then I covered the bottom with balloons. Children were blindfolded and had to go into the tent and feel around for a prize. This was a big hit with both the smaller and bigger kids.

Another center was the fabulous fishing pool. I filled the boys pool with water and added about two dozen goldfish. The kids were given little minnow nets to 'go fishing.' They loved it! Each child was given a fish bowl to take their 'catches' home with them (found at a dolloar store.) Don't foget to buy fish food and portion into small baggies for everyone.

Another center was a in our motor home. I purchased a tent craft from Oriental Trading. It was a picture frame in the shape of a camping tent complete with foam fire. The kids all got to go into the motor home and make their craft.

We also had a scavenger hunt using pictures of things you would use camping like binoculars and lanters, etc.

I served hamburgers and hot dogs, potatoe salad, baked beans, and corn on the cobb in the back yard around the campfire. Later, the cake was a simple sheet cake frosted in green to look like grass. I had a small, toy camping set complete with a tent, cot, lantern, cooler, and campers that I decorated it with.

Later, we made smores around the fire and sang campfire songs. Remember to keep insect repelent out for guests and put out some torches and bug lights. Each child had a small lunch bag to put their loot in that said "Camper---" It included their fish food, tent prizes, a few plastic bugs and other little trinkets.

The party was a big success with all of the kids and their parents and was easy and inexpensive to do. Most of it was outside so the house stayed clean too!

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