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Camp-In Party 6-12yr - Cabin Crafts




Laura in Palm Bay, Florida USA


May 2010


Special Mention

CAMP IN  This was an all boys party good for ages 6-12.   We live in Florida and due to the mosquitoes here it was necessary to do this in doors.

All the kids invited received a hand made invitation, inside we added what sort of items they needed to bring to camp such as flashlight, pillow blanket, toothbrush, and what time to arrive so that camp activities would begin and asked to come already dresses in PJ's.

I had three friends help me out since I needed CAMP COUNSELORS, I made the camp counselors name badges, as the children arrived we had signs made out of card board and nailed to it was a stake to go in the ground,  coming up the driveway and front walk saying things like don't feed the bears"  "welcome to camp wannahockaluggie"  and at the entrance to the front door we had oil torches burning to set the mood.

As the kids came in the front door they were greeted and ask to have a seat in the front living room so they could wait for instructions from the assigned camp counselor. They were all so excitted. I had bought a Black poster board and chalk and those wooden painted pieces  of and ice cream pirate hand pizza and a few others from a craft store and made a chalk board schedule of the activities we would be doing they all got put into groups with a counselor we went over the activities they all put their stuff in a tent we bought and put in our dining room ( we had to move out the table & chairs) we left the fly top off of it and hung blinking Christmas lights from the ceiling to resemble stars for when they went to sleep.

After that the first activity was a "Make Your Own Pizza we had a folding table in the kitchen that we could easily clean up and move around each kid got a Boboli pizza crust and we had several bowls of different toppings they each got to make their own pizza. Then as they were cooking in the oven a friend offered to basically be a clean up girl in the kitchen while the other camp counselors played a freeze game in the family room with them just to keep them entertained until dinner was ready during all this we had a CD with nature sounds playing to imitate a camp in the woods.

The kids enjoyed eating a pizza that they got to make however the wanted and in any order of condiments. I had a 4 bedroom house so I make signs for each of the bedroom doors that said cabin 1 cabin2 cabin 3 and in each room I had an activity set up so that they kids could rotate rooms doing different camp activities and crafts CABIN 1: Sensory Game (on the chalk board schedule I used the hands for this) I had several different things I paper bowls behind a large card board wall the kids were given a clip board and paper to write what they felt through a small hole in the card board I used popcorn seeds raisins marshmallow floss an egg basically anything could be used. The winning group got a prize for each kids for getting the most right.

Then CABIN 2: Paint Your Own Bird House Craft I bought small wooden bird houses from a dollar store for each kid and several colors of craft paint and brushes.

Cabin 3: Campfire Pirate Story by the time they made it to this room is was getting dark out which made this more fun a mom of mine remembered a story a kid and offered to do this for me each child was blind folded and brought in the "cabin" she talk a scary pirate story where she described the pirates hand and let the kids feel a hook then the pirates wooden leg and how he lost his leg and let them feel a wooden broom handle and then the pirates eye patch and they felt that and the she told them why she had to wear they eye patch and lifted their hand and mushed their finger in a tomato they had to leave the room blind folded so they wouldn't spoil it for the other kids and were made to swear to not repeat the story.  They LOVED IT!

Then we had a create your won trail mix bar the kids were given a small paper bag with their name stenciled on it and we had put out 15-20 different items from MM's to marshmallows and nuts and dried fruits popcorn etc. to fill in their bag and enjoy later in the tent. They all got a little time to wind down in the family room and sing songs while we cleaned up the trail mix on out TV my husband had downloaded a campfire that played and crackled while they sang talk and told stories we then had a scavenger hunt where I had taken pictures of several CLOSE UP places in the house (pots fridge drawer toilet paper roll etc.) they each had about 7 different places to go and this led them to a wrapped gift from their parents. Then we had an ice cream bar they kids got to make and name their ice cream creation there were tons of candy toppings nuts and bananas syrup to go with it. We took pictures of each kid and their ice cream. I then had each of the kids settle down brush their teeth and get in to the tent we rolled a small TV over to the tent and put on a movie while they each drifted of to sleep.

The "CAMP IN" was a HUGE success each child is asking when the next party it and the moms are still talking about it.    "

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