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Luau Campout 8yr - Chicken Kabobs




Christina in Bakersfield, CA  USA


Feb 2003


Special Mention

LUAU/CAMPOUT:  For my daughter's 8th birthday, she wanted to campout with her friends but also wanted a Lilo and Stitch Luau, so we combined the two and here is what we came up with. 

INVITATIONS:  Invitations where made from printable invitations with hibiscus border.  I printed the party information on the invitations with my home computer.  On the invitation, each guest was asked to dress Hawaiian.  I also purchased Lilo and Stitch invitations and cut out the Lilo and Stitch characters.  I then attached L&S to the right bottom corner with puffy craft tape.  Each invitation was put in a envelope with L&S stickers on the outside.

DECORATIONS:  The party was held outside, on the patio.  I cut foot-long strips of green crete paper and stapled them along the outside of the patio cover.  This gave a "grass hut" effect.  I then took a string of hibiscus garland and stapled that along the outside of the green crete paper. In the inside of the patio, I took white Christmas lights and draped them from the edge of the patio cover to the house and back and wound them around the pillars and through the lattus.  The lights where also strung in bushes and trees throughout the yard.  Tiki torches where set up every 4 feet, outlining the flowerbed.  I made trees out of posterboard and placed them in corners with my kids boogie boards leaning on them. 

There were 3 tables set up.  All with L&S tableclothes, fresh flowers (cut at the bud) scattered around the table.  The drink table was set up with 2 punch bowls and L&S cups and straws with a hula girl on them and 2 coconuts and pineapple as the centerpiece.  Each had a balloons tied together in the shape of a flower and hanging at different lenghs.  A sign hung from the table that said INUS and drinks underneath it.  The food table had 2 table tiki torches in the center with a coconut in the middle as centerpieces.  It had a sign hanging from it that said KAUKAU and food underneath it. 

The cake table had the cake with L&S plates and napkins and matching forks displayed.  As the center piece, where 2 pineapples and a coconut with the balloon flowers attached.  I made signs out of small square posterboard stapled to stakes throughout the yard (Beach Access, Limbo Area, Tiki Bar, etc).  Each sign was bright yellow and had a colorful hibiscus border.  At the enterance,  I made an ALOHA sign with each letter on one piece of card stock the was attached with raffia.  The sign was attached to each side of my entry way.  I also placed the balloon flowers on each side of the entry, under the sign.  There was Hawaiian music playing in the front and back yard.

FOOD:  I served bar-b-que teryaki chicken kabobs and hot dogs with goldfish crackers, a vegi tray, fruit tray and chips and dip.  I also purchased a medium sized fishbowl and made blue jello with gummy fish inside. A beachcomber hat was used for the chips and coconut bowls were used for the goldfish crackers and dip. Bright serving trays were used for the kabobs and hotdogs. 

GUEST ARRIVAL:  As each guest arrived,  they were given a lei, ankle lei and sarong.  The sarongs were made by me from material that I got at Walmart for $1.50 a yard.  Each girls was also given a necklace that I made our of wooden beads with their Hawaiian name on it. Their over night stuff was taken and put in our 5th wheel that was parked behind a locked gate in the RV parking in our backyard.

ENTERTAINMENT:  I hired a local dance studio to come perform for the girls.  They brought about 8 dancers to performance.  After they danced for about 20 minutes, they grabbed each girl and gave them a group hula lesson.  They were their for about 30-40 minutes total, but the girls had so much fun with this. 

EVENING:  It started to get cool when the sun went down so the girls changed into warmer clothes in the 5th wheel.  While they were doing that, my husband had set up a fire pit (done by taking the legs off of the webber bbq) and placed logs around the fire.  When the girls were done changing, they all grabbed a a stick and roasted and ate marshmellows while my stepdad got his guitar out.  After the marshmellows, the girls sat around and sang songs while my stepday played the guitar.  When the girls were ready to settle down for the night, they all went into the 5th wheel and changed into the their PJ's.  I had made pillowcases for each girls with Hawaiian print material on the back and the front had white material with Hawaiian print border.  On the white part of the pillowcase was each girls Hawaiian name with iron-on letters and their real name under it, smaller.  Everyone switched their pillowcases and found their bed for the night.  We had rented Lilo and Stitch and Holiday In The Sun. 

The next morning we had a pancake breakfast and the girls when home with L&S goody bags filled with Hibiscus pencils, notepads and bottles of bubbles, as well as their necklace, leis and pillowcases.

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