Bob the Builder Party

Bob the Builder -3yr- Homemade Construction Cones




Tina in Lost Hills, CA, United States


Jan. 2004


Honorable Mention

When my son turned 3 he wanted a Bob the Builder Birthday party.  We had the party at a local park. 

CAKE:For the cake I used rectangle cake pan.  I used a spoon to dig out a whole about and inch and a half in diameter, and set aside the bits of cake I dug out.  I then dyed my homemade cream cheese frosting green, and covered the whole cake with it (careful not to get it in the hole).  I then placed a Scoop and Muck on top of the cake, Scoop was placed by the hole with his scoop digging.  I had purchased them at Walmart for about $8 each and when you push the button on top they talk.  I then purchase a Bob the Builder Candle holder from Party City.  Once they were placed on the cake I put the bits of cake in Muck's dump truck. 

DECORATIONS:I made road cones out of poster board and staples.  I then bought some flourecent orange fabric on the $1 table at Walmart.  I sewed it on to the cone so I did not have to wait for the glue to dry, but it can be glued on as well.  I made sure to cover the whole on top with the fabric so that the cone could be used as a goody bag as well as as a decoration.  So basically I sewed one seem down the side then sewed the fabric to the bottom of the posterboard cone.  I then cut squares from the cardboard, glued the fabric on, then slipped it over the cone until it sat at the bottom of the cone, just like a road cone. 

With some leftover orange fabric I made a vest, and I sewed some irridecent ribbon on it creating a vertical strip on the left and right on both the front and back of the vest just like road workers wear those vests that are bright orange and reflect. 

I made a balloon arch by tieing kite strink from one tree to the other (about 3-4 feet between them).  I then Blew up black and yellow balloons.  I then slipped 1 black and 3 yellow ballons on each paper clip, by poking the clip through just below the knot in the ballon neck.  I slipped the paper clip on to the kite string and closed the clip so the balloons did not slip off.  You have to make sure to rotate your black ballons so that they spiral around it. 

I used the Bob the Builder cups, plates, & Napkins, but with a construction theme you can use black or yellow or both.  I did not have the money but I thought about purchasing a big Tonka, or Bob the Builder dump truck and putting the chips in the back of it. 

ACTIVITIES:  To start we paired the kids up and one child was to lay down and the other was to push them down a small hill.  It was a Roley Race.  Once we had a winner, the partners switched and we raced again.  We then let the kids pretend to be scoop and Bob for apples.  Then the kids came to the table and colored some Bob the Builder color pages that I printed on NickJr.com. 

We ate, opened presents, had cake then we worked on I put a sticker on the bottom of a couple of the cake plates, and the ones who got the special plate got a special prize. 

Make a plates.  It was basically a round paper that the kids draw on then later we sent them to the Make a Plate company and they turned the kids artwork into melamine plates.  I am a consultant with Discovery Toys so that is where I got the kit.  You get 7 papers and a set of markers for $9.99, then it is about $5(10 or more)-$7(9 or less) per plate when you send it in to be turned into a plate.    If you want you can even write at the bottom of each paper the name of the event (ie; John Smith's 1st Birthday Pary), and the date and what a wonderful souvenier.

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