Bob the Builder Party

Bob the Builder -3yr- Construction Zone Cake




Christy in Lambertville, MI  USA


Jan. 2004


Honorable Mention

Bob the Builder  My son is turning 3 and he loves Bob the builder. I only invited family which consisted of about 6 kids total of various ages.

I tried baking the cake this year and it turned out great. It was a constution site scene. I bought at the cake art store a couple of construction trucks and a couple trees. I made a yellow rectangle cake and frosted it chocolate so it looked like dirt. I sprinkled on green sprinkles in one corner of the cake and set the trees into the green area. In the opposite corner i had sprinkled a few chopped nuts to look like rocks and inserted one of the dump trucks to look like it was going to scoop them up.

Along the opposite corners I made a dirt road kinda deep with a fork. I crushed up some graham crackers to look like sand and poured it over half of the road. Then with one of the trucks i pushed it along the graham crackers to look as if it was clearing the "gravel road". Don't be afraid to make the road wide enough so the truck with leave a little gravel behind on the side of the road. Along with the trucks came a couple signs, like stop and yeild. I placed them along the road too. I had a delema of where to write Happy Birthday when my 5 year old daughter told me to make a sign.

Since I can't decorate cakes, let alone write even and steady, I made a sign. I took a blank envelope label and wrote Happy 3rd Birthday Michael on it and rolled each end onto a toothpick. Then placed it in an open spot.

I decorated the table with Bob the Builder table cloth, plates, and napkins. I found a cardboard paint bucket at Home Depot for .99 in the paint section.( It is a blue and yellow BUCKET kinda like one you would find at a movie theatre, with tools and Wet Paint written on it.) I bought a couple different shaped paint pans. The 5 inch square one was used for dip and the bucket was used for the chips. The long narrow flat pan was used for sliced pickles, tomatoes, onion, olives,and lettuce. We cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs.

For games we had a wheel barrel relay race! I have some those toy cardboard bricks. I placed about 8 in two piles at the end of the yard. I found some plastic wheel barrels at Wal-Mart for about 3.00 a piece, I bought 2. I kids split up, oldest went first and raced to the other end grabbed a brick and got back to its teamates so the next could go. Whoever got all the bricks first, won.

The kids played wheel barrel race ( when you hold the other persons feet and race to the end. Although that wasn't planned but fun to watch.) For the little kids I had find the tools that were lost in the sand. I bought some sand at True Value and put it in one of my 20 gal. rubbermaid containers and found some tools at the dollar store. I hid them down in the sand. The kids used sand shovels to find the tools and put them in there dollar store tool box. Whoever found the most won, but they both received a toy.

Two older kids had to pound 5 nails into a board, whoever finished first, won. And the two 5 year olds had a peg board and had to hang the tools from biggest to smallest in a row.Whoever was first to get it won. The prizes were from the dollar store. Believe it or not, this was a really cheap party. I made the cake and most of the supplies and games were from things already in my home.

It was a great day. If you choose to do this please make sure your children are age appropriate for hammering or finding any small sharp tools. They sell bigger plastic tools at the dollar store. Have a great time!

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