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Bob the Builder -2yr- Construction Vehicles






April 2004


Honorable Mention

For my son’s 2nd birthday I decided to give him a Bob the Builder Construction Party. 

To begin I created the invitations myself.  The top of the invitation read CAN WE PARTY??? YES WE CAN!!!.  Each invitation was about 5X7 inches.  In the middle was a picture of Bob and his gang.  Beneath the picture the read, FOREMAN CHRISTIAN IS TURNING 2, WHICH MEANS THERE’S LOTS OF WORK TO DO.  COME PARTY WITH US AT KENNEDY PARK CONSTRUCTION SITE, SATURDAY JULY 5TH WILL BE DYNAMITE.   YOUR SHIFT BEGINS AT 1PM AND LAST UNTIL 4:30.  THERE WILL BE LOTS OF FUN TO HAVE, SO PLAN ON GETTING DIRTY.  I bought invitation size envelopes and created mailing labels with pictures of dump trucks next to the return address. 

I had the party at a park, so that mean I needed props to build my construction site.  I had a pretty large group, so I had my reserved party area and a row of additional tables.  In my reserved area, I had one Bob the Builder themed tablecloth and then 3 other colored cloths.  I had about 25 kids, so I had 2 tables of construction hats and badges. 

I got the hats from the dollar store and I made the badges myself.  I bought a set of Badges for about $5 from an office supply store and bought sheets of construction stickers from the party store.  Some of the badges read, DUMP TRUCK DRIVER, CONSTRUCTION SITE SUPERVISOR, TRAFFIC GUARD, CEMENT TRUCK DRIVER.  Then I placed a sticker of the dump truck or traffic signs next to the name.  When each kid arrived they were able to put on their hat and a pin styled badge. 

The table with the themed cloth was for the colored cupcakes with the Bob and the gang cupcake picks, all homemade.  My son loves cookies, so his aunt made him a huge Bob the Builder sugar cookie and a few smaller ones.  They all looked exactly like Bob. The table with the food had a dump truck filled with brownies to resemble dirt of course.  I also had smaller dump trucks that I put the eating utensils in. 

There were construction vehicles on all of the tables along with tools that I found at the dollar store.  I found some play wheelbarrows and wagons on sale and filled those up with individual bags of chips. Of course after the chips were gone the kids had fun dragging each other around in them. Wal-mart had these really big paint buckets for about $1.50 so I grabbed 3 of those and filled them with ice and juice boxes for the kids.  My mom loves arts and crafts, so I had her make life size tools.  She made a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, pliers and even nails.  They were stuffed so they were very sturdy. 

I had 2 birthday banners so the tools hung along the sides. I was able to use the tools after the party to hang on his bedroom walls (which of course is all themed Bob the Builder). On the other 5 tables I used plain colored tablecloths and taped them all down.  A friend was able to get me the orange constructions cones so I spread those out in the middle of the tables.  I also had 2 huge signs MEN AT WORK and ROAD WORK AHEAD.  I hung them from 2 trees. 

For party favors I bought tool boxes from the dollar store.  Inside I had a few pieces of candy, fruit snacks, bubbles, crazy straws, little tools from the party store, crayons and a personalized coloring book that I created.  The front cover of the book read, CHRISTIAN AND THE CREW WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU, FOR COMING TO PARTY, LIKE GOOD FRIENDS DO.  Then it was the same picture of Bob and the gang from the invitation in the middle and beneath that read, I HOPE YOU ENJOYED PARTYING WITH ME TODAY.  PLEASE ENJOY THIS COLORING BOOK AS YOU GO ABOUT YOUR WAY.  CHRISTIAN’S 2ND BIRTHDAY, SATURDAY, JULY 5TH 2003. 

Since we were at the park, I didn’t have to worry about games.  On top of all the wonderful props and tools, this park had a merry-go-round, a jumper, a train, a petting zoo and of course a huge playground area, so the kids had lots to explore.

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