Bob the Builder Party

Bob the Builder -3yr- Lunch Whistle




Tina in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA


Sept. 2003


Honorable Mention

For my son's 3rd birthday I'm doing a Bob the Builder (BTB)/construction theme. I'm very cost concience and my ideas are using rather inexpensive items or recycling items I already have like odd socks. Here are my ideas. 

SIGN an orange diamond shaped sign like a 'men at work' sign with the words 'Paully's 3rd birthday' written on it with bold black marker for the kids to color and draw on while waiting for all the guests to arrive.  This is used as a background for gift opening pictures and later pictures are added for a keepsake.  

TOOL BOXES silver spray painted shoes boxes, cut out tools and letters from craft foam. Kids glue the tools and the letters spelling their names on the boxes to decorate (this teaches name recognition!). Handles are made from tool printed ribbon attached at the top. These are put aside and later used for favor holders and sent home. 

ROCK THROW socks filled with beans and tied with a rubber band children throw at a toy dump truck. Children each get a prize for making it in the bed of the truck. 

WORK CHAIN start with 2 or more lines each with a pile of bricks (large blocks or covered shoe boxes). They pass the blocks down the line until they are all at the other end. First team to have all the 'bricks' at the other end get a prize. Kids build with the blocks until the lunch whistle is blown. To make things 'equal' with prizes the kids from the team who didn't win the game get prizes for 'best structures' 

LUNCHES The lunch whistle blows and all the 'construction workers' gather for bag luches of PB&J sandwiches (Bob's favorite!), a BTB snack (cookies or fruit snacks), fruit, raw veggies, and juice box. Each bag has their name printed on it. While the kids are eating fill tool boxes with favors. 

CAKE dirt cake (layered choc cake, pudding, crushed oreos and gummy worms) served inside a pail or construction truck.

GIFT OPENING 2 chairs are placed infront of the sign. A card is opened. The giving child is asked to join the birthday boy in the chair by him. The gift is opened and guest recieves his/her tool box now filled with favors then returns to the rest of the group. This continues until all the gifts are opened and all the boxes are given out. 

PUZZLE (this is done while the gifts are being opened to keep little hands busy) Pictures of BTB from the Nick website or coloring books are glued onto poster board. The children can color then cut them out into odd shapes making a puzzle. If a child doesn't complete this activity during the party they can take it home to do or finish. Have bags avaible to put puzzle pieces inside. 

PLAY DOUGH (extra activity) children can build with playdough if time allows or if an activity fails to keep their attention.  FAVORS/PRIZES toy tools, BTB stickers, construction trucks, legos, books about construction, playdough.

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