Bob the Builder Party

Bob the Builder Party -3yr- Giant Pinata




Garza in Humble,Texas United States


July 2003


Honorable Mention

For my son's 3rd birthday we chose to do a Bob the Builder Theme Party. I had so much fun planning this birthday party for my son. The ideas and activities behind it are enormous.

First of all I made sure to have a Bob the Builder moonwalk for the kids to jump in.(I made a construction sign that said Jump Zone. My husband also made a sandbox for the children to play in. (They had soooooooo much fun in the Digging Zone!!!!) I also had children's tables set out with kids play tools, legos, etc. (Building Zone) We also went to Mexico to buy the most huge(about 5'4), realisitc piƱata we had ever seen of Bob $28.00(What!!!!).(It was called the Demolition Zone) While we were in Mex. we also bought some Bob centerpieces made from ceramic to go on each table that were only about $3.50each.(Wow)I also had a wheelbarrow for the presents and it was called Present Zone.

We had a huge full sheet cake with Bob the Builder on it. Besides that I printed some coloring and activity sheets from the internet and had it set out with colors for kids to color on. I also bought chalk for the kids to write their b-day wishes on my driveway. (Caution:Dusty, was the sign in this area) I also made signs to put on the way to the party.Ex.One Way to Jacob Anthony's party. Yield For Jacob's party. Right Turn only for the party. Stop PArty here.

Each sign was made to resemble the actual street signs and I placed them along the road.I also borrowed some construction cones from a school and put them along the sidewalk in front of my house and hung yellow and black construction tape from each cone to the next. (It made an easy decoration for the front of the house!) I also tried to avoid a lot of people coming in and out of the house so I blocked the front door with Caution tape and made a sign that said CAUTION: Construction in Progress. Detour this way. This helped lead everyone to the backyard where the party was. Inside the house I made sure the doors to the bedrooms were closed and made signs Such as DO NOT ENTER,CONSRUCTION SITE,Building in Progress, etc.

I also made signs to show the way to the Restroom. This helped facilitate me telling someone every 5 min. where the R.R.is and it helped to reduce the traffic in the house. (CARPET STAINS smile!!!)

For games I played Dress the Builder races in teams to dress wearing construction outfit the first team to finish racing and dressing wins. We also did wheelbarrow races - one person gets down and other picks up hind legs and must race to finish line. We also played musical chairs using the Bob the Builder theme song.(Found at Party City) Another activity was to ask the children to bring you designated items on your list from their parents. The first one to bring it back wins a prize.

We also played pass the balloon along your team with one hand only. I also had Home Depot donate some children's workshop aprons that looked so beautiful with the theme and they came out great in the pictures!! All the children wore their aprons with their names on it and my son wore a hard hat with a Bob outfit that I bought at Sears with a yellow workers toolvest and his construction shoes.

We all had soooo much fun at the party and you would be surprised at the amount of children that left my son's b-day party crying because they were not ready to leave!. I still get compliments today for the wonderful party my son had 3 months ago!!!!!! I hope that you too have as much fun planning this party because the smiles and laughs you will make your child have you will cherish in your heart forever!

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