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Lisa in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA


Feb 2003


Honorable Mention

2 Year-Olds Bob the Builder Party  With a guest list of 12 boys and girls from age one to nine, our sons second birthday party had to have something for everyone. His favorite character is Bob the Builder so we went all out for the occasion.

Starting with his clothes we dressed my son, Mark, in a yellow shirt and overalls with a truck patch. I wore painters pants and put a hammer in the tool loop.  We played the Bob the Builder CD for background music during the party. The music definitely added more character to the party even though Bob and the machines voices were not the American versions. 

For the decorations, we had primary colored latex balloons (the same colors as all of Bobs machines) throughout the house and there were enough balloons so each child could take one home with them. Plus, we had one Mylar balloon of Bob himself for the birthday boy to keep.  We also hung Construction Tape all over the house indoors and outdoors (an idea we got from this website). BUT, we put the tape on both doors to the house and some people thought the doors were unusable and didn't know how to get into the house! Oops! 

A Bob the Builder piñata decorated the living room. Because we didn't want the kids to hit Bob with a stick (especially in my living room), we choose a piñata that had strings to pull. We gathered all of the kids around so they could pull the strings at the same time giving everyone the opportunity to participate. Inside the piñata was candy, of course, but we also had little trucks, toy animals, whistles, and hair accessories. 

On either side of the piñata were two tables with activities for all of the kids to do. One table was full of soft foam cutouts. There were long rectangles for bookmarks with a variety of trucks, cars, flowers, insects, and fish to attach. Some of the cutouts had adhesive already, but there was also a glue stick available for the others. Everyone brought home their bookmarks.  On the other table were crayons and a huge pile of pictures that I had printed from BobtheBuilder.com. The kids could color a picture for Mark to keep in a scrapbook of his birthday parties.

In addition, I had taken each of the pictures and made coloring books for all of the children to bring home.   Because his birthday is in January, we live in the Northeast and we were in the middle of a deep freeze, all activities had to be inside (it was even too cold to have the snowman building contest that I had planned). 

We made a cake from a Bob the Builder cake pan. My husband and I spent four hours on the morning of the party decorating the cake. We even drew a background of trees, a lake, and a mountain range made of frosting to cover the cake plate it looked so great we hated having to cut into it. It was the first decorated cake we ever made and it was awesome . . . It even tasted good! 

I found a party store in the next state with Bob the Builder cups, napkins, plates, tablecloth, and loot bags. I also found 8 oz. plastic tumblers with Bob the Builder so the kids got to take these home too! I kept a few extras for Mark to have too. 

So, the kids went home with a balloon, loot bag full of candy and toys, self-made bookmark, coloring book and Bob the Builder cups as well as a full belly and an exhausted body. All of the kids and their parents enjoyed themselves so it was a great success.

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