Bob the Builder Party

Bob the Builder -4yr- Molded Chocolate Tools




Windi in montgomery, Al


August 2002


Honorable Mention

Bob the builder 4year old This was the theme that we decided to have for my sons fourth birthday. 

We purchased Bob The Builder balloons, plates, napkins, invitations, party boxes and blowers from birthday in a box.  We decorated outside and inside with construction signs and yellow caution tape that we got from a local hardware store. Also bought a helium takes to fill the balloons we had bought with and put them all around inside. 

We had some extra plastic construction hats that we hung around with curling ribbon hanging from the, and we used my sons Bob The Builder toys that he had and put them on tables to decorate. Each child was given a Bob the Builder construction hat that was purchased on the internet as well.  My son wore a Bob the Builder overall outfit to match his party.  We had several games. 

The first game we played was Find the Tools- we hid mini plastic tools in the sandbox and gave each child a sandbucket and shovel then gave them three minutes to find them.  The one that found the most tools won. 

The second game we played was Shoot the Construction Cone- On this game we gave each child a water gun & set up five cones(which were painted paper drinking cups)onto a piece of wood and they had three minutes to shoot as many cones off as they could.  Who ever knocked the most off won. 

The third game was Pin The Tools On Bob(just like Pin The Tail On The Donkey) which we purchased off the internet but you could make one just as well.  The last game was a piñata which was the shape of a dump truck.  The water guns and sand buckets were purchased from The Dollar Tree.  We had prizes in a basket that the kids got to pick from when they won. 

For food we found  tool candy mold which we made chocolate tools, stop signs, tractors, dump trucks molds which we made Jell-O jiggles from & Bob The Builder mold which I made suckers from. We had Bugle chips (since they look close too construction cones ), Lil smokie trucks (made with a piece of cubed cheese, lil smokies, and olives.  I saw this one  off a  lil smokies commercial on TV) 

We also made little construction hats and filled them with M&M's.  We made these by taking the bottom part of a plastic yellow Easter egg (for the hat),filled it with M&M's, then cut and glued a piece of cardboard (for the bill but big enough to cover the bottom of the egg so candy does not fall out)to the bottom of the egg, then took a black marker and wrote each kids name on the front of the hat close to the bill.

Then we had a Bob The Builder Birthday cake that was purchased from a local grocery store.  We gave each child a gift box (along with their sandbuckets, and water gun)that had bob the builder fruit snacks, a blow up hammer, little package off legos, bob the builder bubbles, bob the builder paddle ball, bob the builder stickers, and a bob the builder spinning top ( all found in the party section at Wal-Mart, also our local party store had all the items also).

We also found a little paper hardware store that you cut out and tape together that we printed out from the computer and put them in the gift boxes for the kids to do.  Everyone had tons of fun and the adults even got in on the fun with the piñata.

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