Bob the Builder Party

Bob the Builder -2yr- Brwon Bag Dinners




Dawn in Whitehall, PA, United States


April 2004


Honorable Mention

Bob the Builder - 2 year old Our son loves Bob the Builder, so for his 2nd birthday I decided on this theme for his party. 

INVITATIONS: I hand drew a front view of Scoop from the show and then scanned it onto my computer.  In the bucket I typed:  Here's the scoop. You're Invited to Jaden's 2nd Birthday Party, and followed with all of the other information. I then printed these out on yellow cardstock, glued on black wheels and white eyes and gray pipe.  They turned out really cute. 

DECORATIONS:  Outside we decorated up the driveway with orange cones and at the front door tied balloons to an orange cone.  The party was in the basement, so on the door downstairs I made a yellow sign that said "party zone ahead".  At the bottom of the steps there was another sign that said "party hats must be worn at all times". We got caution tape and placed that all around.  There we more balloons tied to the orange cones downstairs. Near the cake I made a yellow sign that said  "fresh cake".

GOODY BAGS:  Upon arriving, each child got a construction hat and an apron that I had found at Home Depot for 99 cents each.  I told them that they would be filling their aprons with goodies to take home throughout the evening. Some of the things I bought for in the apron were:  bubble tape gum, a ruler, a notepad, a pencil, small bag of model magic, and a pack of 4 crayons. 

FOOD:  The party started at 6pm, so when everyone arrived it was dinner break time.  We had all of the children sit on a blanket and brought out brown paper bag dinners.  Inside was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bag of bob the builder graham crackers and a juice box.  We also cooked on the grill and made other dishes for the adults. We purchased the cake from a local bakery and served on the BTB plates. 

GAMES:  There were 15 children from ages 2 to 9.  We split them into 2 groups for the first two games, 2 to 4 in one and 5 to 9 in the other.  One group started at the Pin the hammer in Bob's hand game.  I drew Bob on posterboard, and made hammers with everyones name on one and they pinned the hammer in Bob's hand.  Meanwhile the other group was given Model Magic and told to build something, anything they wanted. 

Once done, they switched stations, and this worked really well.  Once everyone built their model magic creation we had a building contest.  The parents came and "voted" and every child won a prize; most creative, funniest, prettiest, etc. I made up tape measures out of cardstock that said, "you measure up", with the childs name and the category they won in. The prize was a chocolate tool lollipop that I made and bagged with a topper that said, "Thanks for coming to my 2nd Birthday!" with a clipart picture of BTB and Rolley. 

Next I made up bingo cards using pictures from the nickjr website.  We played until everyone won.  Instead of a pinata, I wrapped 2 boxes filled with lots of candy about 5 times each.  We had the children sit in a circle, passing the box as music played. When the music stopped, the child holding the box got to take one layer off and we continued this until the last layer, once that was off, we dumped the candy on the floor and the children scrambled for the candy and put it in their aprons. 

The last game we played was a smile measuring contest.  We had each child smile as big as they could and while their smile was being measured, I snapped a picture of their great big smile.  Nice to give the parents!  This was a fun party to do, and all of the children had a blast and, so did the parents!

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