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Blue's Clues -3yr- Bean Bags for Pail




Rana in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, USA


Jan 2003


Special Mention

I am in the process of planning a blue's clues birthday party for my little girl who is turning 3 and wanted to share some ideas. 

For the invitations, I traced Joe's thinking chair notepad first on a piece of red construction paper then on a piece of yellow construction paper.  Using a word processing program on my computer, I printed on the red page "It's A Blue's Clues Birthday Bash For…" which will be the top page of the invitation, and on the yellow page I printed all the party information.  I took both to my local kinkos and had color copys made of each.  Then I cut out the thinking chairs, matched the front(red page) and the back (yellow page), punched holes across the top, spiraled a red pipe cleaner through the holes, and ended up with a cute invitations that looks just like Joe's thinking chair note pad. 

For decorations I bought blue's clues napkins and table cloths, but I just bought light blue and dark blue paper plates and utencils.  I am making shovel and pail cups to use at the party which each guest can take home as a party favor.  I used the red solo cups and glued eyes on, drew on the mouth and eyebrows, punched holes in each side of the cup for white pipe cleaner handle, and because this is a party for 3 year olds, I put on a clear plastic lid with a red/white striped straw.  To the side of the cup, I attached "shovel"  which was a yellow plastic spoon with eyes glued on and mouth drawn on.  These turned out really cute! 

For the food, I am making a cake in the shape of Blue (directions on Nickjr.com) and made "puppy chow" party mix which I am serving in red plastic dog food bowls.  I am also serving blue juice and ice cream.  My local school has an old skating rink that we can use (free of charge) which works out great.  Each child will bring their favorite riding toy and will dress in blue (per invitation).  This is a perfect spot for outside play indoors in the middle of January!  I have constructed four stations that will be located throughout the rink. 

First, is a game "feeding Blue".  I took a round mop bucket and made a face from cardboard and construction paper that looks like blue with her mouth wide open and taped it to the top of the mop bucket.  Each child will get three dog biscuits to drop in and "feed blue".  Prize:  Blue's dog collar made from felt,velcro,glue on plastics jewels from craft store, and a dog tag I made from construction paper shaped like a paw print and laminated. 

Second station is Pin the Flag on Mailbox.  Once again I made this from construction paper.  Prize:  blues clues stickers. 

Third station is bean bag toss game using big red pail with eyes (aka shovel and pail).  I made bean bags from denim, filled with rice, and glued a a felt paw print on each one.  Each child gets three to toss in pail.  Prize:  bubbles and rubber ball. 

Fourth station is a cardboard cut out of blue standing by a blow up thinking chair.  Each child will get a picture made with blue that I will mail out with their "thanks you" note.  Prize:  magnet picture frames that I made from supplies I got at local craft store.  I painted frame light blue and then decorated with glue and glitter using designs from Steve and Joe's house.  I then used the stick on magnets on the back. 

Each child will also get a light or dark blue balloon to tie on to their riding toy.  I have also made a house fa├žade out of butcher paper and temper paint to put on the outside of the entrance door so that it looks like you are walking through the purple door leading into Blue's house. 

Finally, for my daughter, I made a "Blue's Clues birthday party hat like the one from Blue's birthday video for her to wear while we eat cake.  Believe it or not this has cost less than $75 dollars for 24 kids.  Granted, I used many supplies that I already had at home, but I feel this could easily be done by most people for the same cost or less.  I am looking forward to the actual party date!

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