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Shri in Boston, MA, USA


Oct 2002


Special Mention

Blue's Clues Party 4yr  We had Blues Clues party for my sons 4th Birthday.

I had a sign on the mailbox that says Follow blue paw prints to a spectacular party and lots of smiles and had Blues pawprints leading up driveway (Pawprints from nickjr.com). My 11 year old son greeted the guests and did the Blues Clues stamping for the kids either on their cheek or hand. We got 3 stamps of pawprints, dog bone and Blues Clues from A.C. Moore craft store. Each kid was handed out a brown paper bag with their name on it. Inside we had $25 play money and a ticket for tattoo. My son did the tattoos for the kids. We have setup two tables on the deck and decorated the tables with royal blue tablecloths. I made dog bone cookies from the readymade sugar cookie dough. Kids have decorated  the cookies with blue frosting and variety of sprinkles. I made the Blues Clues party hats for the kids and the kids decorated them with felt ears and spots. We played the following games.

1. Blues Clues Party Walk Game: We used the pages of different characters from the Blues Clues show as the floor squares. (nickjr.com)

2. Blues Clues Lollipop Game: I have used the Blues Clues fruit pops holder with 24 holes in each. I had two of them from before. I've marked the stems of the lollipop with blue, green, red colors and some are unmarked and kept the lollipops in the holes. Each kid received the lollipop pulled and the prize that corresponds with the color of the stem.

3. Pin the Paw on Blue Clues : I got this from Nickjr site

4. Shovel and pail beanbag toss: I made bean bags in the shape of blue, pail, shovel etc

5. Wacky WRAPPING: I've wrapped a box of Blues Clues fruit snacks in a layer of paper and repeated with 10 layers of paper. Finally wrapped in a nice gift wrap. Sit everyone in a circle and play a short snippet of music.  When the music stops, the person holding the parcel removes ONE layer of wrapping. Repeat until the last layer of wrapping has been removed. The winner opened the present and distributed the fruit snacks to everyone.

6. Blue Balloon Pop Game : A balloon stomp with paw print papers inside telling the kids what they have won! We had lot of blue balloons for the kids to pop. I tied yarn to the balloons and kids can either tie the yarn to their ankle and pop the balloon or step on the balloon to pop.

7. Pin the Flag on Mailbox: I got this game from dltk-kids.com 8. Inflated Blue Ring Toss Game: Kids need to hook 3 rings on the Blues nose.

9 Paw print hunt 

10 "Where's Blue"- One person has to hide Blue and then answer questions from everyone with either a "yes" or a "no" (no other words). For each child that finds blue first there is a prize.

11 Pass the Blue: Like musical chairs and hot potato, except the kids sit in a circle and pass a stuffed Blue while music plays, and whoever is holding it when the music stops is out. 

12. Blue Jelly beans jar: We had a guessing game with blue jelly beans filled in a jar. The kid who guessed the closest beans won the jar with the jelly beans. 

Food:We served  Blues Clues Punch with blue paper umbrellas. I froze Blues Clues fruit snacks in the ice trays and the kids had the ice in their drinks it was cool for the little ones to see Blue appear in their cups. For the appetizer, we had blue tortilla chips. Other foods served were  jello-gigglers shaped like bones, doggie food (Chex snack mix- served in an inexpensive dog bowl) · Used red Solo cups to make pails and yellow spoons for shovels and made dirt (chocolate) pudding with gummy worms in them. · Served Blue ice cream "TCBY" has a amps ample ice cream (that’s the name)it's vanilla ice cream with blue swirls. ·  Finally a birthday cake shaped like Blue.   

Activities: · Made dog tags using cardboard and child safe spray paint (silver) they got to decorate them later on.  Blue dog piñata and made doggie bags for them to put their candy in · Kids watched the Blues Clues Birthday Party video. We have used the home made blue play dough recipe which is given below.   Home made recipe:Kool-Aid Clay Materials Needed: 1-Cup Flour 1/2-Cup Salt 1 Package Unsweetened Kool-Aid 3 Tbsp Oil 1-Cup Boiling Water Instructions: Mix together the flour, salt, and Kool-Aid. Add the oil and the boiling water. Stir the mixture until well blended. Remove the dough from the bowl and knead until it forms a soft dough.  

FAVORS:Put them in red pails and drew faces on the outside of each one and wrote the kids names on them · Printed blue's clue certificates. You can also use red solo plastic cups and attach a pipe-cleaner for the handle. Filled with blue bubbles, blue gum, made a handy Dandy notebook from pictures of the internet www.nickjr.com and made a coloring book from the coloring pictures you can print, big black crayon (bought from the dollar store (12 for $1), stickers, blowouts, lollipops,  Blues Clues applesauce, tooth brushes and tooth paste · Gave out yellow shovels and red pails as goodie bags.   It took me a lot of planning but its well worth it. Kids had a blast.

After the party lot of kids came to me and said that they had a very good time at the party.

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