Blues Clues Party

Blue's Clues Party -1yr- Thinking Chair Invite




A.D. in Riverside, A USA


Jan 2003


Special Mention

For my son's first birthday we did a Blue's Clue's Party.

I made invitations  that were cut out of red construction paper in the shape of the Thinking  Chair. I took a black crayon to outline and detail the chair to look like the  real thing. I wrote in black colored pencil on the front of the invitation  "It's Ethan's 1st Birthday! On the backside was all the party info and a paw  print sticker. I made square envelopes out of different colored construction  paper , in which the invitations were placed and sealed with a Blue's Clues  sticker. The front of the envelopes were decorated with swirls ( like the  ones on Blue's house and the Thinking Chair) using a fine tipped glitter glue  pen in yellow.

We decorated the front of our house with blue balloons and the  front door with cut out pictures of Blue and friends from Nick Jr. magazine.  My husband drew and painted a huge replica of Blue's house (we found a bunk bed box). We used acrylic paints in purple back yellow and red. We found  sponge brushes covered best on the cardboard. We cut the house out and nailed  it to the fence in our back yard. As the children arrived, we took a polaroid  of them standing in front of Blue's house. This looked sooo cute! The kids  really loved the house because it was so big.

After they took pictures, the  kids each guessed how many candies were in Paprika. I found a shaker jar in  the shape of Paprika by Martha Stewart at Kmart. I used painter's marker to  draw her face on one side of the jar, and I put a Blue paw print on the other  side. I filled the jar with hot tamale candy.  Of course the winner of  Paprika was the child with the closest guess. I decorated our bakyard with  lots of blue balloons and rented kid sized table with blue chairs. The table  was covered with blue table cloth. I found a the Dollar Tree blue bone shaped  dog dishes, dwhich were filled with m&m's and chex mix, chips and dip. I  bought blue bowls to serve chocolate cookies in also. We served Blue's  favorite food, cheese pizza on blue plates with blue napkins. I served blue  koolaid jammers also.

After lunch,we played charades with cards cut out of  construction paper. I drew simple things like duck, elephant, bubbles  etc.(this idea came from nick jr. also). The kids love taking turns acting  out the cards. When the game was finished they were each given a prize that  was a handy dandy notebook. I made different colored notebooks out of  contruction paper. I cut them out in the shape of Joe's shirt. I decoorated  the front of them with crayon. I used a hole punch to make the holes for the  binding and threaded black pipe cleaner through them. I found jumbo sized  crayons at the dollar store. My guest couldn't believe I made these. They are  super easy to make and too cute. We then played pin the flag on Mailbox. The  winner got a blue recorder bought at the dollar store.

I made white chocolate  suckers out of paw print molds. I bought light blue candy dyed a portion of  it dark blue. I used the dark blue to make the paw print and the background  was the light blue chocolate. They were placed in square candy wrappers and  tied with light blue ribbons. These were given to all the kids for playing  the game. Next it was time for cake. I made the cake using a 13 inch round  pan. It was a single layer cake made with 2 boxes of french vanilla mix.  This makes the perfect thickness. I bought vanilla frosting,2 cans, and used  candy dye in dark blue to make the frosting the exact shade of blue. After  frosting the cake I used wilton's royal blue decorator icing and piped dots  all the way around the top of the cake and along the bottom. You'll need to  tubes for a cake this size. I then used the dark blue m&m's from a regular  pack of m&m's to make Blue's spots all along the sides of the cake. I just  placed them randomly. I used my son's miniture plastic blue's clue toy for  the center of the cake. I placed a single white candle next to it. This cake  turned out super cute. And it was really tasty.

After cake we opened gifts.  Then the kids broke open a pinata that looked like Blue. I found this at a  local party store. I filled it with mini snickers(their wrappers are blue and  gold) and any other blue cand I could find. Then the party was over.

As a  party favor, I gave each child a yellow shovel and red pail. These were also  found at the dollar store. I used paint marker to draw their faces. I used  small white sticker letters to write out each childs name to personalize  their pail. I put royal blue tissue paper in each pail and filled each with  blues clues fruit snacks and jumbo blue blow pops, bubbles, and finger paints  that had different fruit on them(they represented Bl

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