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Blue's Clues -2yr- Handy Dandy Notebooks




Rachel  in Houston, Texas, United States


Oct 2002


Special Mention

I had a Blue's Clues birthday for my two year old daughter and it was a blast. 

I made the invitations in the shape of a Handy Dandy Notebook.  The cover of the invitation was the red thinking chair with a clip art picture of Blue sitting on the chair.  Above Blue it said "Can you figure out Blue's clues?"  The second page had a picture of balloons and it said "clue 1" with a pawprint on the page. The third page had a picture of a birthday cake and it said "clue 2" and a pawprint on the page. The fourth page had a picture of my daughter holding Blue and above the picture it said "clue 3" and a pawprint on the page. The fifth page said "You have figured out Blue's Clues because you're really smart."  Then, I listed the details of the party and the games and activites that would be played. I backed the invitation with another red shaped thinking chair and bound the notebook with yellow curly ribbon.  I had my step mom make my daughter a light blue dress, then I painted royal blue dots all over the dress.  I made her a matching party cone and bows for her hair.  I had all the children come in blue and the child wearing the most blue won a bubble blowing kit. 

Decorating for the party was a bit fun!  I covered my entry way, dining room, and living room in yellow butcher paper.  Then I painted dark yellow swirls using acrylic paint on the paper.  The walls looked excactly like the kitchen walls in Joe's house.  As you walked in my entry way the walls were yellow with swirls all over and streamers and pawprints were all over the walls.  I had three large pawprints on the floor and the first pawprint said "Are You Ready", the second one said "for", and the third one said "a Blue's clues party?"  I attached balloons to each of the pawprints.  They were meant to go outside, but it was raining that day.  I had made two windows using blue poster board, white poster board, and red fabric for the curtains and I cut out shovel, pail, salt and pepper and taped them to the ledge of the windows. 

I also made two frames.  I took red poster board to make the frame.  Then I drew balloons, cupcakes, and party hats on white poster board and attached it to the red frame.  I cut out yellow and blue swirls and glued them to the frame like the frames in Joe's house.  I wrote in curly letters "Welcome to Joe's house!" on the second piece of poster board and attached it to the frame and again attached swirls.  I hung this frame in the entry way and the guests could see it as they entered the house.  I made all of the Blue's clues characters on various colors of poster board depending on the color of the character by using an overhead to enlarge them.  I hung these characters all along the windows in my living room. I had also cut out about 80 red spirals, glittered them with clear glitter on both sides, attached yellow curly ribbon to them, and hung them all over the living room ceiling. 

I turned the recliner into the thinking chair by buying red fabric.  I had Blue blown up large and placed above the present table holding balloons.  I had royal blue, light blue, and yellow balloons and streamers all through the living room, dining room, entry way, and Kitchen.  In the dining room I cut out "Happy Birthday" in large letters alternating each letter with light and dark blue, then I glittered the letters with clear glitter.  I took an enlarged Blue and Magenta and placed one on each side of the words "Happy Birthday."  I took a blue table cloth and painted dark blue paw prints on it.  I had a cake ordered in the shape of Blue.  I had all of the matching plates, napkins, and cups and I printed off all of the characters from my computer in color and I cut them out and attached stands to the back of the characters so they could stand up on the table.  It was cute.  I also bought a clay flower pot and painted it red (couldn't find red pails anywhere) attached wiggly eyes, drew on eyebrows, glued on a yellow pipe cleaner for the mouth, and cut white foam board into a long strip and  attached it to the top for a handle.  I placed styrofoam in the pail and I made painted Blue's Clues chocolate suckers and stuck them in the pail.  It was too cute! 

Since it rained we had the children eat in our breakfast area.  I had four tables covered in blue paper and I painted pawprints on all of the paper.  I had balloons on every table along with party hats, a picture frame for them to decorate with stickers, and coloring pages for them to color.  I had made little shovels and pails and placed a few on each table and filled them with colors.  I made the pails by taking red cups and attaching wiggly eyes, drawing on eyebrows, using yellow pipe cleaners for the mouth and white pipe cleaners for the handles.  I made the shovel with a yellow spoon and I drew a face on the spoon.  I hot glued the spoon to the pail.  I also made one for every child and they used this to put candy in when they broke open the pinata.  

As the children arrived they decorated their picture frames and colored while they waited to get their picture with Joe (my husband dressed as Joe with a wig, shirt, paints, and all) and a pawprint painted on their face.  Next, we ate.  I had made hot dogs, blue dip and chips, blue dog bone cookies, and dog food.  The dog food was too cute.  I took strawberry shortcake bowls (small sponge shaped bowls) and filled them with round peanut butter cereal.  It looked just like a bowl of dog food!  I also served blue punch. 

After the children ate, we played Pin The Flag on The Mailbox and Bean Bag Shovel Toss.  To play the Shovel Toss I made another red pail out of a clay pot, got a large yellow shovel, and made three bean bags with blue fabric and painted blue pawprints on each of them.  I made four large pawprints and on each pawprint it had an age and what ever age the child was, they had to stand on that pawprint to throw the bean bag in with the shovel.  Of course, the older the child, the farther away the pail was.  They each got three tries.  All of the children got the painted Blue's clues character suckers for playing. 

Then, we played the Blue's Clues game.  I wrote a script for my husband, hid tree clues around the house, and he played Joe.  He did a great job!  He sang the songs and all!  The children were suppose to figure out what game Blue wanted to play outside.  The clues were a bat, candy, and a blindfold.  They figured out Blue wanted to hit a pinata so we went out to our covered courtyard and the children hit the pinata.  The pinata was in the shape of the thinking chair. 

Next, we had mail time.  Joe sang the mail time song with a letter in his hand and then he turned on the T.V. I videoed a couple of children saying "Hi Joe.  Happy birthday Maycie" and then my husband put together a 2 minute video of my daughter from birth until now.  He ended it with my daughter saying "I am turning Two."  It was great.  Then we sang "Happy Birthday", ate cake and Blue's clues icecream with punch and my daughter opened her presents.  I passed out goody bags while my daughter opened her presents. 

For the goody bags I made Handy Dandy Notebooks for all of the children.  I laminated them and bought dry/erase markers and covered the markers in a checkered cover to look like Joe's crayon.  I did this on the computer.  I bound the books with yellow pipe cleaners.  There were exactly three clue pages in each book, but they could easily erase and start all over.  I also had Slippery Soap bubbles in each bag, a Blue's clues blower, and a Blue's clues chocolate sucker.  After my daughter opened her presents, I thanked everyone and everyone trickled out and Joe said his goodbyes!  All the children thought he was Joe!

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