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MARIA in Miramar, Fl, USA


Sept. 2003


Special Mention

I really want to share with you what had I did for my 3 year old son party, because I found very useful this website and maybe this will help another mom also.  We moved form South America last year and even though my kid doesn’t speak English yet, he LOVES Blues Clues!!. I had in mind other ideas but at the end he is the one who decides. 

For the invitations of the Party we just bought a regular invitation from Blues Clues, we only add to it some stickers and his signature on each of them. We don’t know too much people yet and I also because to do so many activities, I want it to keep it small, we just invited 3 kids with their parents.   He gave him at first time on the morning his presents: a shirt and a short of Joe and the Inflatable Thinking chair!! (Both I bought on Nick Jr. website).. By that time we of the day he was already very excited and ready for his party!!!...   

For decoration I made about 8 Blue with poster paper, construction paper and paints that I put all around the house. I also put with one of them with a stop signed that did and I put on the street. With blue construction paper and transparent contact I did paw prints that I put on the floor from outside and followed the pad to our patio on the back, where the party was going to take place. Finally I just bought yellow, blue and orange balloons that matched with the table set that I bought and 4 blues clues metallic balloon for each of the kids. 

Because all the guest were Spanish speakers and they might don’t even hear from Blues Clues, the first thing that I did was to sit them on TV to see a short chapter, so they know Blue and some of the activities that we were going to do that related to the theme. After that, we sat with the mummies and we did a Blues Clues puppet. In a paper bag decorated with stickers I had for each of them a small blue sock, two giggle eyes, a ball of cotton, the ears, nose and spots of crafts fabric and a glue stick. I made one in advance so they can see it as example, but at the end some of them create their own design and enjoyed doing it. While they were finishing this I prepared pop corn and I gave it to them in individual hard cups that they can take home, form blues clues ... of course.  With my kid in advance cut 6 x 7 from poster paper and I draw 3 different things that we colored for the 4 different kids.

For yellow we had a chick, a banana and a sun, for yellow we had an apple, a fire man hat and car, for blue we had an airplane, a balloon and a whale and for green a turtle, a tree and a crayon. My son colored them with paint, after I re-did the borders with black marker and we pasted a paw print of each of them (made with construction paper) . While the kids were inside finishing the puppets I went outside and hide all the cards. I gave each kid a paper of o of each his color with a big paw print on it and give them instructions to bring to me the pictures with the SAME color that I gave to them. It was really fun to see them running for the entire patio trying to find his color. My son had the most difficult ones, not on purpose!... but the found them all.

For each of the kid a had a prize: a set of 3 play doh wrapped on blues clues wrapping paper, very difficult to find, by the way, after on month! I finally found it in Hallmark.  Another of the other Blue that I painted I put it in on the kids high and we played put the nose of blue, I made in advance a RED nose exactly the same at the one that the picture had and I covered their eyes, some of them cheated and passed more than one time, but they really liked it. Again, I gave them al of them a prize (a car) wrapped on blues clues wrapping paper. 

I bought a Blues Clues bingo in Party City where I bought all the decoration, but I had to confess that not all the kids catch the game and didn’t had had patient to say until the end.. (Besides my kid.. of course!!).  

I had never bake a cake and I really want to tried, so I just order a Blues Clues cake on Vicky’s Bakery and I also bought a candle with Blue and Joe y served with blue cotton candy ice cream that I found in Publiix.  It’s amazing,!! but for more than a month I tried to find a Blues Clues Piñata and I didn’t found it. The only one that I found was the thinking chair on Internet and personally I didn’t like it, it was blue and I didn’t find it nice’ for the kids. What I did was bought a Piñata of Tigger that had two circles at each side and that the colors matched with everything, I took it off and I painted on a poster paper Blue to put in one side and Joe in the other side.

Another thing is that I don’t like the toys that you find to fill a Piñata, so I preferred to filled with delicious chocolates, gums, candies and small amount of toys that I bought separately as cars, airplanes, yo-yos, etc. Even though the Piñata had strings my son and all the guess were excited with hit it , maybe is our Latin culture.!!! I didn’t cover their eyes and each of them hit it, at the end they need some of my help from me to empty it. On very important detail is that to picking up the candies we didn’t use the regular bags. We used shovel and pail!! .. I found a red pail with a yellow shovel on Target on summer sale very cheap!! I did the eyes and the month with construction paper and I pasted them with stick glue and their it go .,..  

After all of us eat some pizza and enjoyed them self with the toys on the Piñata it was MAIL TIME!!... I found a very cheap plastic mail box in Wal-Mart that I painted with my son with the right colors, we did the eyes and mouth with constructions paper and that’s it !.. I have to say that because we did with some time he played a lot with it and still he does.. He really liked this part.

For the letters we used a red file folder, I used black tape (for electric things) on all the borders and cut a yellow piece for the cover. On the front I draw a Joe and Blue and my kid paste the stamps that I made with construction paper. On the inside each of the envelops we had: one note book (set of 4 on Party City) a blues clues pop, stickers and blues clues gummies. My son was sitting on the thinking chair, I put the music of mail time and he have to each of the kids his letter. He really liked this part!!!. The kids were very happy with its letter and with the present inside. 

At the end, each kid, including the birthday boy, had a pail full of presents and a Blues Clues experience that I hope that they will remember. My son was very very happy, and for me it was the biggest reward of all!!....  I hope that you find it useful and enjoyed as much as I did the party and all the preparation.

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