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Blues Clues Party -3yr- Pin the Flag on Mailbox




Kimberly in Selkirk, New York USA


March 2004


Special Mention

Blues Clues Party -- 3 year-old.  My son is obsessed with Blue's Clues.  Therefore, for his 3rd Birthday, my theme choice was obvious. 

Invitations and Thank yous -- I hand made these.  I cut pieces of black construction paper in 3s, folded them in half and glued a picture of the thinking chair on the front of each.  Then on my computer for the invitation I scanned (1) a smilely face; (2) a cake with 3 candles; (3) a picture of my son.  I cut these out and used theses as "pages" of the note book.  On the back I wrote  "Happy" "3rd Birthday" "my son's name" and then the party details.  Follows the Blues clue 3 clue formant.  I hold punched these "notebook" invitations and added red pipe cleaners through the top to give the spiral effect.  I made identical "thank you" notes but used pictures of (1) wrapped gifts; (2) my son; and (3) a smiley face.  On the back I wrote "your gift" "made -- insert child's name" "happy."  Thanks from "child's name and blue" signed with a paw print. 

For the party itself:

Favors -- each child received a blue bucket (98 cents each at home depot) filled with a Blue's Clues sticker book, a container of Motts Blue's Clues applesauce and a handmade notebook (made just like the invitations, but I laminated the front cover and made the back cover out of magnet sheeting.  Pages can be refilled so "Blue's Clues" can really be played over and over again. I took construction paper and cut out lines in two shades of blue and made paper covers for crayons to go along with the notebook to look like Joe's crayon. 

At the party, "Blue's Clues" was played.  I made three paw prints out of tag board and blue glitter.  They were placed (1) on a spool of ribbon; (2) on a blue bowl containing candy and Blue's Clues gumies; and (3) on a thinking chair (I took my son's plush chair, covered with with a red table cloth -- drew the black accents on the table cloth -- from dollar store -- to make it look like the thinking chair.  Then I made a cardboard blue to place in the chair.  Kids could get their pictures taken in the thinking chair with blue -- holding up their notebooks I made -- too cute!!! 

Anyways, the three clues are that blue wants to do the thinking chair pinata bought at Birthday Express (I made it a pull string version). 

Other party games included: 

(1)  Tickety Tock's prize time.  I painted a picture of Tickety Tock on poster board and added a spinner from one of my son's games for the second hand.  If you spun 1, 2, 3, or 4 you got a pair of kids sunglasses -- I added Blues Clues stickers on these; if you spun 5, 6, 7, 8 you got a coloring page with a box of crayons (party size small box); if you spun 9, 10, 11, or 12 you got a stencil. 

(2) Get a clue ring toss.  I painted Blue Gand Slippery Soap on poster board.  I used balled up Saran wrap to make Slippery's bubbles.  Then I used a ring toss game, but added glitter paw prints... thus the "Get a Clue" theme.  Prize was a container of Bubbles for which I took a sticker of Slippery Soap and made a label -- Slippery Soap Bubbles. 

(3) Shovel and Pail Ball Toss.  I took a large red bucket and added a face.  I made shovel out of a yellow file folder and laminated it and taped it to pail. Kids had to throw in Blue balls out of our playhut ball house to win a prize -- a Blue's Clues pencil.

(4) Pin the Flag on Mail Box.  I made a large Mail Box just like the one on Blue's Clues.  I put velcro in various spots and made several flags.  This was played just like pin the tail on the donkey.  But when kids won, they opened mailbox and took out an envelope containing Blue's Clues stickers.  I used my games as decorations, along with using Blues Clues Valentines.  Just changing the "Happy Valentine's Day" to "Happy Birthday." 

We had mylar Blue's Clues ballons as well.  My husband's father died before we got married and never saw our sons.  It is our tradition to have each of our boys send a ballon up to Grandpa after the party.  It seems to help comfort them and allows both grandpa's to be remembered even though only one can attend the party, the other is included in spirit. 

For adult favors, I made photo holder refrigerator magnets with Blue's Clues.  I included a picture of the Birthday boy, but guests could easily replace the picture with one of their chosing. 

We served a Blue's Clues theme cake with Blues Clues ice cream from Walmarts (pawprint push pops) and Blue Kool-Aid.  The pinata contained Blues Clues gummies and a variety of Blue Candy.  I had purchased the Blues Clues paper products.  I took pictures of Blue and added "Happy Birthday" on theme and posted them about. 

All in all, this was a very fun and interactive theme.  I dressed both of my boys in Blue's Clues t-shirts and everyone seemed to have a ball.  I hope this gives fellow readers some clues of how they can throw their own Blue's Clues party.  Enjoy:)

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