Blues Clues Party

Blues Clues -1yr- Pin Paw on Blue




Trish in Hamilton, Ontario Canada


August 2003


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's first birthday I decided to throw a Blues Clues Backyard Bash.  Since her birthday was in August, and our family is all over the place, we decided on a "simple" BBQ.  I got alot of the party stuff on clearance at That Party Place and Walmart; ie. blues clues plates, napkins, hats, blowers, and cups.  I only bought enough for the kids, and plain white for the adults. 

I sent Blues clues invitations to ten kids, and invited the adults by phone. 

For decorations, I bought a huge mylar baloon Blue, and used her for the centerpiece on the picinic table in the b/y. (Expensive, but worth it) I attached light blue, dark blue and silver balloons that said "1" on them, and attached them all to a wicker basket which held coloring pages (blue of course) and crayons, as well as sidewalk chalk for the kids to play with if they got bored. 

Beside the big basket, I had another with a "mrs pepper shaker" jar filled with blues clues fruit snacks, and the kids could guess how many candies were in the jar.  The winner got the jar.  I had a blues clues tablecloth on the picinic table, and another adjoining table for food and presents.  I tied colored balloons to the trees; mixed in with paw prints, butterflies, and bugs I handmade myself, and lined with aluminum foil to give them some sparkle.  I also had Blues Clues streamers, which I hung around the fence and windows.   I drew blue chalk pawprints up the driveway, leading to the backyard. 

For food: potato salad, mac salad, broccoli salad, a veggie tray, assorted chips, dip and cheesies, blue dogbone cookies, and hot dogs and hamburgers, and who could forget the punch- made of blue koolaid, 7-up and ice cubes with blues clues fruit snacks frozen into them. 

For dessert: a homemade blues clues cake made by Mamere, (along with a small cake for the birthday girl to wreck) and an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen with Blue and Magenta pictured on it.

For games: pin the paw on blue (I made it myself using printouts from Nick Jr.com and some imagination), dog bone throw, hot blue (hot potato with a blue doll), Blue says (simon says) and a huge blues clues pinata that took four big bags of candy and favors to fill!  The pinata was last, and even though the ages of my young guests were 2-13, every one of them lined up for a whack at that pinata!  Prizes for each game were bought on clearance at walmart and at the dollar store.

For loot bags:  I ordered fifty chocolate bar wrappers from Rosieposie.com and wrapped hershey bars with my child's name, the date, and birthday on them- I must say- these were the hit of the party!  I handed them out to people as they left, and each kid got one in their loot bag.  Not cheap, but like I said, they were a huge hit. 

Since all the kids were different ages; it made it a little harder to fill the loot bags, so in the end, I bought an age appropriate toy, chalk board, bubbles,a crazy straw, and the older kids got puzzle books, play make up, etc.  I put a washable blues clues tattoo on each kid near the end of the party.

This party seemed simple, but was a lot of work!  Next year I think I will try something "simpler"!  I was too busy rushing around with the food, etc, that I didn't get to sit back, and enjoy myself.  But I guess the pictures will make it all worth while!  Everyone had a fantastic time. Cost all together, around $400.

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