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Disney Princess/Pirates Party - Belle Costume




Katherine in Alvin, TX USA


February 2009


Honorable Mention

My daughter Frances is in love with princess so a princess party was an obvious choice. She decided she wanted to do Pirates instead of Knights for the boys. I was able to pick up lots of things on clearance.

Invitations: Princess invites I wanted to make them but she saw the ones at the store with the Princesses on them that she wanted instead. Pirate invites we designed the invitations on our computer starting with a skull and cross bones from a free design site on the Internet. We chose an old fashioned font (Algerian) for our script. The invitations read: Ahoy there Mate'y We set sail on (Date), (Time) sharp, from pier (Place), in search of treasure and cake. Only the bravest among you may join the crew! Replay (Phone Number) or you will have to walk the plank! We printed the invitation on thin white paper that we stained with a damp teabag.

Decorations: We had her a throne and On one side of the throne I added a pink pail that I filled with fuchsia colored geraniums, I stuck in a small pink Mylar balloon on a plastic stick that said  Happy Birthday Princess  and had all different princess items on it. We put a pink fabric tablecloth on the food table and scattered petals. I placed princess and pirate plates on the table. The gift table had a red tablecloth. I put a fuchsia balloon weight holding a Disney Princess Mylar balloon on the table. Then I had a Princess table and a Pirate table.

Princess table: We used Princess Tablecloths. I sprinkled rose petals on this table.

Pirates table: It had a black table cloth and small skull heads and skeleton hands. Then I put a pearl necklace and pirate confetti on the table with rubies (craft stones), 

Music: I had a Disney Princess CD playing in the back ground. 

Dress up: Frances wore her Belle costume. The craft table held the supplies for the crafts and games, it had Princess and Pirate coloring pages and crayons for the kids to do until everyone arrived or they could play outside. After everyone arrived we then started lunch.

Food: My daughter chose pizza. We served pink punch to stick with the color scheme.

Activity: After lunch the girls decorated a foam tiara and the boys treasure chest these were made by using cleaned out wipes boxes they were spray painted brown with gold glitter spray on the tops. They were given bottles of glue. I had different accessories for them to add. We had rhinestones in all different sizes, shapes and colors; self-adhesive foam hearts, numbers and letters, flowers and pirates; little pom-poms, all different colored glitter glue pens and gold coins. I wanted to do this craft first to give them time to dry. As these were drying we started our games.

Before games we had Attire: Each pirateĀ received an eye patch, a few tattoos wherever they wanted them; and a skull and crossbones bandana. The princesses received necklace, tattoos and tutu. Then it was time for games.

Game no1: We played pin the tiara on the princess. The prizes for this game were bubbles w/personalized labels thanking the kids for sharing my daughter's special day. The closes one which happened to be a girl got a Disney Princess purse. After this we had cake and ice cream.

Cake: Was a Castle cake with the Disney Princesses on top. We used pink candles. We used the individual vanilla and chocolate ice cream cups. This was served on the same Princess plates and pirate plates we had used for lunch. After cake and ice cream Frances opened gifts. I had her open them from the throne. After this we wanted all the kids to get what they had made.

Final Event: was the treasure hunt, of course! We went to the place where we laid them out to dry and they were missing. All that was left was a scroll. It was time for a Treasure Hunt.

The scroll read: Attention all pirates and princesses, we've stolen your loot, it's time for a treasure hunt, we're sure you'll have a hoot.  Here is your clue: For each piece I wrote it on a piece of paper that looked like a treasure map.

Here is your next clue: Go outside. So I had all the kids go outside then I read the next part. If you were real pirates you'd sail the seven seas for transportation you'd need one of these. I had a pirate ship behind a tree with next clue under it.

Next clue read this is the room where food is prepared (kitchen); clue 3 read by breaking the balls, you could win this battle. Nine holds the clue, just give it a rattle. There were 9 blue balloons stacked like a pyramid. They were given instructions.

Here we found our last clue: now that you've searched high and low and had lots of fun, go back to the place where you begun. The treasure was with you all along, right under your noses, under the song. It was under the table with the cd player.

While we were playing games I had my mom put all the items under the table next to a cardboard treasure chest and small gift bags (dollar store). Inside the gift bags were princess notepads, gold coins in black felt bags with skull and crossbones on the front, princess and pirate pez dispensers, princess blowout or pirate blowout, playdoh in the treasure chest was gold and silver coins, candy bracelets, chocolate candies, princess and pirate stickers, stick on earrings, pirate key chains.

As all the kids were leaving I handed them (I had a vase full of) a pink rose suckers and balloon suckers I dressed up as well. I had the same bandana the boys wore; skull & crossbones earrings, a white ruffle shirt; a black leather vest with a blow-up parrot on my shoulder, tied a black sash around my waist and a red on around my arm. Heavy eye-liner and there ye be. 

The cake table: I used a white tablecloth more pink rose petals.

Thank You: I am going to make these at Wal-Mart, With a picture of my daughter on it. We had so much fun!!!

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