Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Party -4yr- Rose Tiara




Casey in Miami,Florida,Usa


October 2008


Honorable Mention

My daughter Amy had chosen a beauty and the beast theme for her 4th birthday party.So planning began in advance.I found lots of great things at Disneystore to use for this event.Since there is'nt any partyware at the partystores I needed to be creative without too much work.

Invitations:I made my own invitations.I found a clipart of belle in her yellow gown holding a rose,printed it in colour on white cardstock and pasted it on red cardstock and decorated it with golden glitter glue pen.

Then wrote the text in the middle and wording was like this:come to the beast's castle to celebrate Amy's birthday party.And I wrote the details on the inside.They were also asked to wear yellow/red dress.Dress-up:Amy did not had a belle costume so she wore a yellow belle sleeveless dress with socks that reached upto her ankle that had a picture of belle and red trainers.

Decorations:The party room was in the west(to create the forbidden west wing)and decorated it with red,yellow and purple balloons.The centerpiece of the food table was the rose under the glass.We found purple plastic plates for the snacks we would later serve.

Guest arrival:Upon the arrival the girls recieved a rose tiara.I made them by hot gluing tiny roses on plastic headbands and gluing a special heart shaped belle charm in the middle.Everyone recieved it,including the birthday girl.We also face painted a rose on each girls cheek and an easy to remove belle tatoo on the other cheek.

Craft:They made a book since belle loves to read.Each book contained some  b and b colouring pages,Some mazes,Word search,dot to dots,beauty and the beast story,hidden messages and criss-cross all based on beauty and the beast.They are from:http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com.You can make from any title,not only disney.The frontcover was a file with the picture of the invitations.The file was red and belle's gown was yellow.I wrote the name with a golden glitter glue pen.The writing was like this:__________'s book.

They also beaded jewelery.The jewelery craft was from Disneystore on a summer sale.Pinata:I made a belle pio from a paper mache.I filled it with disney soft toy dolls.The doll characters was the disney princesses,the fairies,minnie mouse,daisy duck,flora,fauna,merry weather and cinderella's fairy god mother.No one believed that we made them ourselves.

Snacks:We served finger foods and strawberry and mango milkshake.

Cake:I made a skirted belle cake  with some characters of the movie cake toppers surrounding her.For each girl I made a cupcake with a marshmallow dough frosting and rose cake topper.

Game:We played rose petal hunt.I scattered artificial rose petals and labeled the girl's name on it.Each girl recieved a tea time belle doll which is an interactive doll and tea time stuffs including mrs pots,chip and all his sisters and brothers.

Favours:I found so much great things at disneystore so I bought everything and put it in a box so the girls can take whatever they likes.The things were belle wands,belle gloves,belle watches,belle purse,belle pencil cases,cd soundtracks,pencils,sharpeners,belle note books,bracelets,hairclips,hairbands,make up palletes,bath finger puppets,beauty and the beast bath squirt toys,belle compact mirrors,combs,brushes,figurines,mini belle snowglobes and lots more.

With girls filled their prize inside the belle handbags that I gave and was also theirs to take home.With them they got to take the books,their pinata treats,their rose head band,their tea time belle doll,their jeweleries,a sticker book and a tatoo book and a belle tumbler with a globe at the bottom.We had so much fun!

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