Beauty and the Beast

Beauty & the Beast 3yr - Cardboard Castle




Krista in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


April 2002



My 3 year old daughter wanted to have a Beauty and the Beast party.  I ordered the plates, napkins and cups from the party store.  I made a Beauty and the Beast castle from 2 fridge boxes and one stove box.  I put each of the fridge boxes on either side of the stove box.  I then cut the fridge boxes into towers and cut in doors and windows so they could move throughout the castle.  I painted each of the towers a bright purple and the middle one a lighter shade.  I then printed out pictures of the different rooms in the Beast Castle (from the Beauty and the Beast CD Rom Magical Castle). 

The one tower was the library, the stove box was the ball room, and the other tower was the west wing(where the rose is).  I put a purple table cloth on my coffee table in the living room I photocopied Beauty and the Beast coloring sheets for everyone to color while we waited for people to arrive.  I had bought tiara's and wands for all the princesses when they arrived. 

I had the beauty and the beast CD playing in the background. 

I had hung purple and pink streamers in the door frames, and from the ceilings.  I also hung purple and pink balloons from the ceiling.  We then made balloon crowns and flowers. We did some face painting of the rose on our cheeks.  I had got a projector and enlarged a picture of Belle and painted her.  I also enlarged the yellow gown she wears.  We played pin the dress on Belle. 

I had got a chocolate mold of Beauty and the Beast made them up as choco pops and put them in a plastic bag with a purple ribbon.  The kids played in the castle and danced to the Beauty and the Beast songs for most of the party.  It was a great party and all the kids had a great time.

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