Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast 4yr - Light-up Rose




Tisha in Jackson, TN, USA


November 2005


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 4th birthday, she chose a Beauty and the Beast because it is her all time favorite! I went nuts with this as it is perfect for a party.

The invitations were addressed to Princess and Prince (name of guest). The return address said Belle, Enchanted Castle, and our address. The invitations were written as follows:   Belle and her friends request the honor of your presence in the West Wing of the Enchanted Castle to celebrate the 4th birthday of (birthday girl).  Be sure to dress in your princess gowns and prince attire and come to the (location, date and time)  We had this in a large room at our church so we put up lattice work to divide the room so the kids couldn't enter until it was time. We had Beauty and the Beast music playing outside of the room. When it was time or after all the guests had arrived, they were allowed to walk into the Enchanted Castle. When they entered, they were announced by a trumpeter who announced them as Prince and Princess so and so.

For decorations, we had lots of trees with white lights in them around the room. Each table had a light up rose (Oriental Trading co) in a glass hurricane in the middle of it with a couple of rose petals underneath. The roses were bent to make them look like the enchanted rose. Everyone had a place to sit around one of the round tables. Once everyone was seated, we played the opening clip the story from the movie on the projector using a laptop computer. That went directly into the song of Belle.

Belle entered the room and sang the song. I bought the karaoke cd for Beauty and the Beast. We also had the baker and librarian that she talks to in the song. Gaston and LaFou also appeared and sang their part. The 3 silly girls were also there acting silly and following Gaston around. I am lucky to have lots of friends that were willing to do this for us. After that song was over, Belle welcomed everyone to the party. Asked them a few questions about the movie if they had seen it before, who their favorite characters were, etc.

From that, she introduced Lumiere. He said hello and welcome and a couple of other things and then he sang Be Our Guest (actually he just lip-synced). While the song played, all of the other characters (except Beast) served their food on silver platters.

We had P.B. & J sandwiches cut into shapes of crowns and roses, Jell-o jigglers cut into shaped of roses, castles, and crowns, and chips. I put enough for each table on big serving plates so the characters would have fewer plates to carry on their platters. As Be Our Guest goes on, Mrs. Potts has a part towards the end. When her part came on, she entered the room and served pink lemonade mixed with sprite to the guests. After that song was over, the characters had places to eat with the kids. Each table had at least one character.

The music from the soundtrack continued to play as we ate. After eating, the song Beauty and the Beast played and the beast entered and gave Belle (the birthday girl) a rose. (The beast was her Daddy so she wouldn't be scared) This was so precious that many of the moms told me they got teary eyed. The characters then led everyone in Happy Birthday. We served cake and opened presents. The party went great and everyone even parents had a blast.

Party favors were little personalized prince and princess notepads, rose suckers, prince/princess bag tags, and Beauty & Beast stickers.

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