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Beauty and the Beast 3yr - Castle Walk




Melissa in Minneapolis, MN USA


April 2003


Special Mention

We are huge Disney fans and my daughter's 3rd birthday was celebrated with a Beauty and the Beast theme. 

She wore her Belle costume from Halloween and a crown that said "Happy Birthday."  We searched the Internet for Beauty and the Beast pictures and images and made color print out to decorate our house with.  Outside, a large Mylar Belle balloon w/ a rose background marked our house for guests.  We also had "Bonne Anniversaire" signs on the door w/ a print out of Belle in her yellow ball gown. 

Inside, we decorated with the Beauty and the Beast themed banner and table covers from Birthday express, another large Mylar balloon w/ Bell in her yellow gown, and purple and yellow heart shaped latex balloons.  We placed a number of our Beauty and the Beast toys all over the house, including a play castle that decorated one food table.  We used pink, purple, and yellow streamers and scattered Beauty and the Beast Upper Deck trading cards around guests tables. 

For activities, we had to think of something for both boys and girls.  Upon arrival, each guest received a rose tattoo.  For our first game, we came up with a "Castle Walk" modeled after a cakewalk.  We taped 10 different characters in a circle on the floor. They were paper finger puppets that I found on Disney's activity web site.  We played songs from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, and when the music stopped, we picked 2 character names from a bowl and awarded them a prize.  Each child could win twice.  The first prize was a Disney beanie in the shape of Lumiere, Cogsworth or Chip.  I found them on eBay for a great price. The second prize was a Beauty and the Beast book, color book, or puzzle.  I gave each parent a pink bag decorated w/ an extra B&B trading card depicting a scene from the movie to hold their child's prizes. 

Then we gathered all the kids in a circle and talked about Belle's favorite things -- books!  I played the scene from our B&B Christmas CD where Belle sings about making a storybook for Beast.  Then I told the kids I'd like them to help me make a book for the birthday girl.  I bought a bookmaking kit, Photostory Jr. from www.creationsbyyou.com.  Each child received once page to decorate however they wanted.  I placed markers and stickers out and took pictures of each child at work.  [When we put the final book together, I'll include a photo of each child along w/ there drawing.  We'll also add to the memory book with photos and documentation on the whole party.  Once the book is complete, I'll rotate it amongst the guests so they can see the finished product.] 

After bookmaking, the kids went outside to blow bubbles, while we got lunch ready.   

Lunch had a French theme and we ordered crepes.  If you are in Mpls, La Creperie in City Center downtown was easy to work with and had great prices.  We had lunch crepes: Shrimp and rice, chicken breast, and ham and cheese for the kids.  All the food was labeled w/ small tent cards, and I found more B&B clipart for each label.  We also had salad, fruit. Appetizers earlier consisted of baked Brie, mini quiches, and various store bought munchies like party mix. All plates, napkins, and cups had the Beauty and the Beast theme from BirthdayExpress.com. 

We took a break and opened presents, then had dessert.  Unfortunately, most grocery stores had every princess imaginable except for Beauty and the Beast.  So, I asked them to do a similar background as another princess cake, changed the color scheme a little, and then found my own Belle characters at a toy store for my figures.  Adults had an option of more dessert crepes.  The kids walked away w/ purple and yellow heart shaped balloons on a B&B circular balloon weight.

Favor boxes had to cater to both boys and girls.  Ours were in the princess swirl pattern from Birthday Express decorated on the outside w/ extra B&B stickers. Each was filled w/ a glitter super ball, a glitter pen, body glitter, rose tattoos, a B&B sticker sheet, a pack of B&B Upper Deck trading cards, small bottle of bubbles (also decorated w/ a B&B sticker), pastel mini M&M's, and B&B jelly pops from the Disney Store.  The jelly pops came in pairs: Beast w/ a rose, Lumiere and Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip.   

Invites and thank you notes were also from the same Beauty and the Beast BirthdayExpress.com line.  Everyone had an enchanting time!

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