Basketball Party

Basketball Football -2yr- Pizza Arcade Challenge




Amy in Edinburg, TX, USA


January 2005



Basketball/Football sports party (2 yrs) For my son's second birthday, we decided to have it a local pizza fun center (because of weather conditions).  My son loves balls of all types, but especially likes to play basketball and football, so I decided to use that as the theme. 

For the invitations, I cut out footballs and basketballs from foam and put a picture of him surrounded by balls (I got that idea from this site).  On the back I attached a magnet (so the invitation also doubled as a refigerator magnet) and wrote the time, place and date of his party, and to wear your favorite sports attire.  All the kids and some adults too, showed up in jerseys and sports clothes.  It was easier to find them in the pizza place like this.  

At the party, the kids played games and I made a competition at the basketball throw game and grouped the kids according to their size.  Whoever scored the most points at the game won a prize from me.  The winner from the little kids won a basketball coloring set, the middle sized kids winner won an inflatable basketball chair, and the bigger kids' winner won a basketball.  You should've seen their faces when they received a present!  They were so happy and excited. 

For the cake, I had two cakesa basketball and a football.  For the basketball, I baked a cake in a round bowl and decorated it with orange frosting and chocolate stripes.  For the football, I decorated chocolate cupcakes and put them in the shape of a football and frosted with chocolate and white stripes for the laces.  I wrote my baby's name and age.  They were so cute! 

We decorated the tables with table cloths that my sister in law made.  She made an orange basketball with black stripes which we put the cakes on.  We also had a football table cloth…a green field with the white numbers and lines and at each end zone, my son's name and age.  In the middle was a big football made from brown material with my son's name and age also. 

For the goodie bags, I bought cellophane bags with sports balls on them and filled them with candy and  a sports drink. 

For the thank you cards, I sent a basketball frame (from Oriental Trading Co.) with a picture of my son and the person(s) to whom it was sent having fun at the party.  All the kids had a great time and my son is still talking about it.

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