Barney Party

Barney Party -2yr- Balloon Arches




Anthony in Colombo, Sri Lanka


January 2007



My daughter is a Barney fan and for her second birthday we decided to have Barney and friends as the theme. It is very expensive in Sri Lanka to buy ready made barney theme items. So I only bought the invitation cards, a couple of plates and cups from the store.

For the balance cups and plates I bought plane purple, green and yellow paper plates along with paper servittes from the same colours. I arranged them alternatively at the food table which gave a very colourfull effect.

For the loot bags for the kids, I bought plain green and purple paper bags. Then I bought some Barney wrapping papers and cut the pictures out. I pasted these pictures on the paper bags and outlined it with glitter glue. The loot bags were filled with a Barney DVD, sweets, Barney sticker cards and othre party favours. Each bag was name taged and was tied with green and purple ribbon. It gave a very professional look and the kids loved it.

The birthday cake was a barnery figure holding a baner with my daughter's name on it.

The cake table was decorated with green / purple table cloth. So was the food table.

I put a lot of baloons in bunches carrying all three colours with long ribbons hanging from them. At the entrance and near the cake table, two baloon arc's were tied with lots of ribbon hanging from it.

On the food table I had little Barney, BJ and Baby Bop pictures scatterd around (these were the leftover pictures that were cut from the Barney wrapping paper used for the loot bags).

I hired a projector and throughout the party I had Barney DVD's playing. It was a cost effective party but was throughly enjoyed by the kids as well as adults. It was a fun two hours with Barney and Friends.

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