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Barney Pinata Party -2yr- Barney Pinata




Barbara in Miami Beach, FL USA


March 2007



Barney, Barney, Barney!!!  What is going on? everywhere I go BARNEY is being discontinued...which is not so bad considering some Barney items are on clearance for $0.25 (when you find them).  Buying online is comfortable however shipping costs and hoping to have items delivered in time is a bit of an issue.  So regardless the fact that my daughter Renata is only turning 2, she sure knows she wants BARNEY (oh dear)   I am not much of a cook so I am getting a nice ice cream cake.  I purchased a BARNEY EDIBLE IMAGE i found online ($6.00 plus $1.50 or so shipping) to put on top.  (It counts as home made doesn't it?) 

Now the treat!!! A HOME-MADE BARNEY PINATA!!! I love arts and crafts and making up as I go along I bought all supplies at Michaels Arts and Crafts stores.   

1- I had a square wipes box (the 4 pack) I was ready to throw out, here is where the pinata fillers go -turned it upside down so the open top is now the bottom.

2- A stick ($0.49) sticking out the middle, leaning so I could glue the end to the side of the box.

3- Styrofoam® (6 pack -$3.99) I made the arms and face.. This product can be easily cut and shaped (it is messy - take it outside)

4- Spray glue ($3 about) - this was the time saver (used everywhere, sticks styro together, paper to metallic and paper shred to paper FAST)

5- Duct tape in purple of course ($2.99) this was the life saver (used everywhere as necessary)

6- Metal wire -started on the stick under the arms (duct taped to secure it) and made the belly shape (1 time around parallel and 1 time at the belly perpendicular) -didn't need on the back since the stick helped

7- Metalic wrap - made the skin" duct taped the skin to the wire as necessary

8- Newspaper -where necessary crumbled and stuck (with glue or tape) under metal wrap to help shape.

9- Construction paper in purple and green - I pasted one green sheet on the belly and the rest in purple (leaving the oval green opening on the belly)

10- purple paper shred (3 bags at $2.79 each) -sprayed glue and covered barney in shred..left belly construction paper green. (2 bags would have been enough) A cone in purple construction paper to make the tail is another optional and doesn't even need to be covered in shred!

11- A pair of wiggle eyes to finish off.

12- String on the bottom flaps of the box - to pull open  

I spent about $30 and had the Barney Pinata done in 2 hours the next day when my daughter woke up and saw it she exclaimed BARNEY!!!! Now that! Was PRICELESS  I wish I could add pictures I'll try to find a way..  "

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