Barney Party

Barney Party -3yr- Purple & Green Bread




Nelian in Apple Valley, Ca. USA


February 2006



Barney's Party  My son turned 3 years old. I made a tree from construction paper and hearts with the kids names on it. On the trunk of the tree it said Friendship tree. I gave them their hearts and put them in the friendship tree (since Barney is friendly).These kids are 2-4 years old. So they like that.

Games are pin the heart to Barney and treasure hunt. I enlarged Barney's picture and cut out some hearts (wrote each child's name on it too.),they love that.

With treasure hunt, I made binoculars from toilet tissue and wrapped it with construction paper, pirate hats made of construction paper too. I made a map with purple footprints on it leading to treasure chest and it says follow Barney's footprints and X marks the spot(really simple for toddlers). I made a big purple footprints and treasure chest from a big box.

Favors are what's inside the treasure chest. They love following Barney's footprints while using the binocular with the pirate hat. I had a big letter X on the treasure chest so when they saw it…they were yelling..I found the X..I found the X.  I made a very special picture for the them. I cut out each of their pictures that I have and pasted it all together with Barney, BJ and Baby Bop's pictures.

I took a picture of that and made it look like they had a picture taken with Barney. I printed those and put some Barney stickers on the side, it looks like a picture frame and laminated them.

Decorations were purple, green and yellow balloons and streamers and some posters I made (with Barney, Bj and Baby bop's picture with the kids pictures too..I printed the kids pictures like the size of the characters pictures).

I made cupcakes with purple icing. They all have candles on their cupcakes..so that was fun for them..they all blew the candles.

I made some green and purple bread for sandwiches, blueberry cheesecake, dinosaur chicken nuggets, ice cream, cranberry and blueberry mix iced tea.

They had a wonderful time specially the mothers. They all thanked me for that because the kids really enjoyed that. After I get to organized all the kids parties..my son really enjoys it and always looking forward for the next party.

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