Backwards Party

Backwards Party -9yr- Who I Am I? Game




Cheryl in St.Albert Alberta Canada


March 2003



For my daughters Ninth Birthday she had too many friends to take to a place so we decide to have a party at home. She thought of a  lot of ideas then thought of a Backwards Party. It was Great then that special day came. 

INVITATIONS: Write the invitations Backwards. This is Easiest on your computer most likely. Then on the back write put in front of mirror so he/she can read it. 

DECORATIONS: Go crazy with them everywhere is fine. In front of mirrors is a no no though because for the games we did we needed ever single mirror, in the house.The Balloons were just a plain color because a company doesn't have many backwards balloons. 

GAMES/ACTIVITIES: For the games we did a game of "Who I am I". This is a simple game very easy to know and understand. Write Cards of Names of Hockey Players, Singers e.t.c and stick them on each kids back. Let the kids ask Yes or No questions to each person. Until they guess who they are.  We also had a dress up race but they had to turn each piece of clothing inside out.So that was a big hit. 

CAKE AND FOOD: Munchies are the biggest thing if the parties not for dinner. If its for dinner I'd suggested pizza. Munchies to me are chips a veggie plate just little things to snack on while playing games or something.

Cake: The Cake should be made by you because DW isn't the best at backwards.  I hope you have a great backwards bash!

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