Backwards Party

Backwards Party -9yr- Scavenger Hunt




Donna in Universal City, TX USA


Oct 2002



YTRAP SDRAWKCAB  My 9 year old son wanted a Backwards Party this year. When the guests arrived I had them do a maze (preferably backwards) to get to the party. Then we had cake. I frosted the cake them flipped it over so the icing was actually on the bottom and we sang "Birthday Happy, You To".

After cake we opened presents and the kids were excited it was already that time! Then I handed out clues for the Scavenger Hunt. Of course, all the words were written backwards and they had to decipher it before they could search for the hidden items. 

The Present Game was next. I wrapped a present in a box within a box, etc. and they had to unwrap it with sppons to music. When the music stopped they passed it around the circle. The child who got to the present first was the winner.

After that we did Pin the Donkey on the Tail. I printed several donkeys, cut their tails off, drew several tails on poster board and they had to try to get the donckey on a tail. They thought the name alone was funny and laughed even harder when they saw where the tails ended up!

Our final game was Ballon Burst with candy inside they balloons. They got really wild trying to pop as many as they could. All game winners received a wrapped present and instead of goody bags we gave the guests presents as they left.

There was an Exit sign on the front door and an Entrance sign inside on the back door. The boys kept trying to talk backwards and kept laughing the whole party!

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