Backwards Party

Topsy Turvy Party -8yr- Traveling Spoon Game




Anna in Pittsburgh, PA, USA


July 2007



Once of the best parties I've been a part of was a Topsy Turvy" extravaganza when I was around 8. I think if it really worked out it would be fun for any age group.   The theme of the party is being backwards and inside out.

The invitations open from the left with the crease on the right (or if ythe host decides on a horizontal card the text should be upsided down. There should be something written that relays what kind of party it will be. Guests should wear their clothes backwards and/or inside out. Or even if the feel comfortable enough with their shoes on the wrong feet. 

The host greets each guest with "Goodbye!" instead of a "hello!" (and vice versa at the end of the party).  Everyone gets a name tag with their named spelled backwards (i.e. "Peter" would be "Retep"). Their was also an "Upside Down Cake" with the icing on the bottom instead of the top.

Some of the games we played included Twister and a scavenger hunt where we had to find ten things around the house that didn't belong like an upside down vase stuffed animals in the bath tub or upturned welcome mats.

We played this one game divided into 2 teams each with a spoon and a really long string of ribbon tied to it. Each team stood in a line. The first person had to pull the spoon through his/her collar and down through their pants. The second person would take the spoon and do the same untill their whole team was connect by the ribbon running through their clothes. Whichever team could do this and then unwind themselves  the quickest would win (loose clothes are the most affective).  It was really fun and I'm planning another party like this for a friend!"

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