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Backwards Party -9yr- Fashion Show Backwards




Joni in Papillion, NE  USA


February 2007


Honorable Mention

We just had a great, very inexpensive backwards party for my daughter's 9th birthday..

The invitations were printed on our computer(mirrored)we hand delivered them with their names written backwards. They loved reading them in the mirror. On the party day, we greeted everyone at the door walking backwards, thanks for coming we hope you had fun" and "Hang up your shoes and throw your coat on the floor". That got the girls and their parents giggling. Every girl wore a nametag with their name backwards and was instructed to call each guest the new name. (Lehcar--Rachel) We then went to the attic (basement) and decorated flip-flops. Then we opened presents and took upside down pictures. (They hung over the couch).

Next we sang "You to birthday Happy" on printed sheets. We then had our "breakfast menu" which I pre-printed so they would get the food ideas. I made inside-out hotdogs(cut the hotdogs and toothpicked them to either side of the bun) cheese with macaroni mixed up fruit spihc (chips)and "uh-oh" ice cream cones. These turned out so cute. I made cupcakes in the ice cream cones and then turned them upside down and placed them on a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream with sprinkles. We put candles in the top which is actually the bottom of the cone. I told the girls to eat under the table and put their trash in the washing machine. They thought that was hilarious (I had a trash bag lined so it was no big deal.) We then did a couple of backwards relays.

Next we had a backwards fashion show. I had them write down a few things about themselves(pets what they want to  be when they grow up where to live how to save the world ect.) I then introduced them with their backwards name described what they were wearing and did their little bio as they paraded around. The girls judged each other on a 2-5 star scale. The winner with the most stars won the backwards fashion show ($5 in Dairy Queen money)

We then played blind-folded pictionary which sort of turned into charades. Before the party was done we had a treasure hunt. I wrote the clues and then "mirrored" them on the computer. The clues were things like the microwave fireplace bathtub dog dish and the oven. Suprise the treasure was the goodie bags.(just candy)   Lastly I had a gift(I found Inside Out Jr Mints and wrapped them with the paper inside out) for the first parent who did something backwards when they came to pick the girls up. Sure enough a mom said "Has the party started yet?" That was so funny. I think she loved that I had thought of the parents!

Of course We told everyone "Hi" as they left. The only money I really spent was the flip flop craft; approximately $2.50 per girl and the hotdogs fruit cupcakes. All inexpensive and could be adjusted for any budget. This party is easy for either boys or girls and would also work well if you had different ages invited. I would think it would work for a family birthday with aunts uncles cousins even grandparents. It could easily be adapted to a large group for schoolchurch scouts. If they didn't wear their clothes backwards they would probably go along with the backwards name. (My husband did that he wouldn't wear his clothes backwards) It really wasn't much to plan just think about opposites or silly things. As I said I think they will remember the washing machine as a trash can and hanging up shoes as much as the treasure hunt and fashion show--the only 2 things that I really put a little pre-planning into.

Have fun planning your party. I really believe some imagination is all it takes to have fun not spending lots of money. This website was so helpful and I just kind of "built" on other people's ideas and adapted the party to our time framebudget and personality."

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