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Ariel Little Mermaid -6yr- Flunder Bag Toss




Jennifer in South Boston, VA USA


October 2007


Runner Up

For my daughter's 6th birthday we had a Little Mermaid themed party.

I made invitations on 4x5 post card stock using Ariel clipart I found online. The invitations said Princess Ariel and her friends would like to request the honor of your presence at the Under Sea Adventure in honor of Anna at the princess's castle, then gave the address, date time (looked up formal invitations on Google for proper wording), also included rsvp and my phone number and email. I used a blue background and this awesome font that was hyacinth (sp?) flowers that I made a lighter shade of blue so it was sort of transparent. I also added a border and bubbles. I printed the return address on the back side using clipart and Sebastian/flounder font that was also found online.  

Prior to the party: I made personalized Ariel t-shirts for each of the girls. Anna's said Happy 6th Birthday, ANNA, and there was a picture of Ariel sitting on the word Anna. I used Photoshop for this. I found an ocean scene and used it for the font rather than a color or pattern. I added bubbles to the end of her tail to match the bubbly font I used for the happy birthday text. I also added a glass ripple effect over the ocean scene to give it a little more texture. For the other girls, I changed the wording to Ariel and friends and also used each of their names. I printed these on t-shirt transfer paper and ironed them on white t-shirts. I also purchased grass skirts and lays for them to put on when they arrived.  I made a treasure chest using a Styrofoam cooler wrapped in gold foil paper. I bought prizes to fill it up at the dollar store, Wal-Mart, dollar general, family dollar. 

I made a bean bag toss using two pieces of cardboard wrapped in dark blue wrapping paper. We cut out a seashell and two fish. I found Flounder and Sebastian beanies on eBay. We used Flounder for this b/c he fit the best through the holes.  I printed out place mats with each of the girls name and laminated them. I used Ariel's print studio. I also printed place cards, coloring pages, and thank you cards (business card size) using this software.   I printed out 2x4 address labels that had each girls name on them and attached them to some clear plastic bags I had. These were for the girls to put all of their prizes in as they won them.  I purchased Ariel jewelry boxes online and attached the little thank you notes to a little Disney princess ring with ribbon. The card had Ariel's picture and a note that said Thanks for coming to Anna's party. I hope you enjoyed it. -- Ariel. 

I also purchased sand art and bottles from eBay. We made paper funnels out of pastel color paper. I put the sand in clear cups and had spoons in each of the colors.  I purchased a 4ft Ariel from a party store. Also purchase a hyacinth flower for my daughter's mermaid costume but used it at the party for Pin the Flower on Ariel.  Filled up a fish bowl (candle holder) with pieces of paper numbered 1-10 for them to pick so everyone got a prize. Had the prizes on the mantle each label with a number.  I purchased some Ariel crayons, stickers, and Disney Princess stamp sets and stationary sets at the Dollar Tree. I put the coloring pages, bags, stickers, crayons, stickers and other stuff with each bag. I got some Disney princess, Ariel, and Tinkerbelle folders from Wal-Mart for them to put their coloring pages and place mats in.  Found some Ariel pens on clearance at Dollar General (25 cents each). I purchased those for prizes for the pin flower on Ariel game.  Of course we had to have the Little Mermaid Soundtrack for background music and for one of the games.  

Decorations: blue/white/light blue streamers hung from the ceiling to simulate waves. Blue and white balloons to cover the ceiling (though we didn't have quite enough balloons) for more ocean effect. Fish hanging from the ceiling. Purchased some pop out ones from a party store. Also used dark pink/teal/purple streamers hung from the ceiling at the doorway to the room for seaweed effect. Everyone had to enter through the streamers as they walked in. used dark blue table cloths on the activity tables decorated with fish net and seashells. I attached Ariel balloons to an Ariel beach chair that was where my daughter opened gifts. 

The food table also had a blue table cloth. I found some colorful platters that looked sort of like fish (on clearance @ dollar general). I arranged them in a way so they looked like fish jumping. Also used seashells and fishnet on this table.  The table where the girls ate had a little mermaid table cloth and a place setting for each child. My daughter arranged where everyone would sit. I got some of the luau umbrellas and straws with flowers for each of them. We had the Ariel pink/purple party plates/cups/napkins. Got lucky and found these half price at a party store.  Ok now it's time to party!  As the girls arrived, my daughter and I gave them their t-shirt, grass skirt, and lay. We also gave them the bag of stuff so they could color while we waited for the other guests to arrive. They looked so adorable!!!!   Once everyone arrived, I had all the girls sit in a circle. Using the beanie Sebastian we played a version of Hot Potato to the tune of (I think) Hot Hot Hot from the soundtrack sung by Sebastian himself. As each girl was eliminated they got to pick a prize from the treasure chest. The last girl won an Ariel cup I found at Dollar General. 

Next we bag Flounder toss. As each girl made it, they got to go to the treasure chest to get a prize. They loved this and we played til all of the prizes were gone. Then they each grabbed a number out of the fish bowl and matched it to the prizes on the mantle. I found a kaleidoscope, nightlight, yoyos, stampers at the various stores. Check these little stores for prizes, they had tons of Ariel stuff for $2 and less. The night light was only $1.  From this point we moved to pin the flower on Ariel. We blindfolded each of the girls and let them loose. This was real cute. Each got to pick a pen. We were able to do this twice. Plus we had extra prizes from the mantle b/c not everyone showed up.  We moved on to Sand Art. Each girl filled up a Nemo and Dolphin sand art necklace. We rotated around the table in order to access all of the colors.  

While they were doing this, we started putting out the food.  We had goldfish, blue jello with nemo gummies inside (made prior to the party), blue punch (blueberry koolaid/7up/1cup sugar/vanilla ice cream for ocean foam effect), ham biscuits and chicken salad, chips dip, cheese doodles, and a cheese ball with crackers.   All the girls came and found their seat. They all ate their snacks. Then we had the cake which was an Ariel cake using a Wilton Cake pan.  

After this my daughter opened her gifts.  She handed each of the girls their jewelry box and they played outside and helped me get rid of all the balloons!!  It was a great time for all! A lot of work, but so worth it! Thanks to this site where I got a lot of these ideas!

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