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jenny in gardena, ca  usa


September 2007


Honorable Mention

we had a little mermaid themed party for my 2 year old daughter.

INVITATIONS: i ordered her personalized photo invitations from www.alloccasioncards.net (prices are very reasonable) they were very cute with little mermaid and an under the sea background. for my daughters picture i put one of her playing in the water which went perfect with the theme. I made my own envelopes which i used a picture of ariel that i had on the computer and printed it out on the envelope. Then i got personalized photo stamps from www.stamps.com. the stamps were a picture of my daughter with her ariel doll. very cute.

DECORATIONS: i bought some wall stick ups of an underwater scene and covered the walls with them. also bought 2 large ariel stick ups and added those to the scene. i blew up tons of clear balloons to act as bubbles and also had a bubble machine going.  it gave the underwater effect very well. centerpeices for the tables were little treasure chests purchased at michaels with plastic silver forks and play pipes and little jewels inside. we left the top open and added sand in and around the treasure chest. i tied purple, green and red balloons from each treasure chest.

The cake table was lined with bright blue table cloth covered with a net. i layed out seashells and starfish and some sand on the table. it came out very cute. the cake table was under a gazeebo. from the top of the gazeebo we hung many different fishes and also hung some decorations purchased at a party store that looked like seaweed and some other sea plants. throughout the party we had the little mermaid soundtrack playing.

GAMES: first game i had was pin the fin on flounder. for this i blew up a picture of flounder (minus the tail) and pasted it to poster board. first i painted the back of the poster board blue and after placing flounder on it, i drew bubbles coming from his mouth. i made enough fins for everyone to have and place double sided tape on them. second game we had was mermaid race". for this i bought green pillow cases which acted as ariel's fins. ran it just like a potato sack race. the kids loved this idea.

For the following games they gave a ticket. They had 6 tickets which meant they can play each game twice. If they won they got a prize. The prize board was a piece of cardboard wrapped in little mermaid wrapping paper. For prizes we bought tons of little mermaid stuff from the 99 cent store and just a bunch of little nic nacks.

The first game for this we had was bean bag toss. This was simple and basic. Had a piece of poster board. Drew mermaid flounder sebastian and the king. Cut holes big enough for the bean bag to fit close to each character. We also had basketball toss which for this I bought a cheap little basketball hoop from big lots and covered the back in little mermaid wrapping paper.

Next we had fishbowl toss. I bought 5 really cute big wine glasses. They were plastic in different colors. Filled them with water and placed a gold fish in each. I gave each kid 3 ping pong balls which game them 3 tries. If they won they got the gold fish and a prize from the prize board. We also had a little mermaid bouncer and had a wading pool and sand box set up outside.

FOOD: we had the "taco guy" come which ended up being a great idea considering the fact that I wanted to be able to enjoy the party and not worry about bbqing or serving food. The taco guy came and served for 3 hours. We had carne asada and chicken tacos and beans and rice. Also had chips and salsa. For the kids I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut them in sea animal shapes. Served goldfish and many different kinds of chips.

CAKE: my aunt made the cake (she is a cake decorator). She made 2 cakes. One was an underwater scene with ariel flounder and sebastian. The other was the island scene with ariel and the prince. We also had a mini cake for the birthday girl which was ariel sitting on the rock. Very cute. The party came out to be a huge success. "

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