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Alice In Wonderland Party 4yr - Glue & Glitter




Tara in Cottondale, Alabama United States


December 2010


Special Mention

My daughters 4th Birthday party was Alice and wonderland theme. I wanted it to be very nice and wanted to stick with as much from the cartoon at all possible.

First was the invitations, I had them printed on a gold tone card stock to make them look formal but weren't too expensive, The invitation read Don't be late for this very important date! The Queen of Hearts hereby summons your presence at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party for a very merry Un- Birthday party Honoring Miss (place childs name here) Place in Wonderland ( beside it we had the actual place) Date, Time 6 o'clock Sharp!! Don't be late like the white rabbit! R.S.V.P The Queen of Hearts ( your number). Also had wear your tea attire or favorite whimsical hat on there. On the envelopes I addressed the invitation to the children as Mr. or Ms. And from the Royal Queen of Hearts and then my address. On the back of the invitation it had open me wrote on them.

Party ideas- We have three children so I knew I wanted everyone dressed up but didn't want to spend a ton of money. I started searching the internet and found the Queen of Hearts, Alice, and Mad Hatter costumes on sale so I ordered those, we found the chesire cat costume used, the Mad Hatter hat was purchased at a local costume store in our town, and I had our little boys costume the white rabbit made, he already had a suit jacket and bow tie. So I was the Queen, my husband was the Mad Hatter, The Birthday girl was Alice, our 2 year old was the Chesire cat and our baby was the White rabbit. I also found the big clocks to go with the theme online for $4 so I got to of those to sit on the tables for decoration. So I had all of the costumes taken care of but what about the decorations: I searched at the local thrift store and picked up all kinds of tea cups and saucers and tea pots that mix matched for cheap, also picked up some vases and picked up some different color flowers and the dollar store, found some butterflies on a wire to go in the flower vases at the craft store.

I come across a stuffed flamingo so I used that on one of the tables to represent croquet, I wanted the mouse for the table in the tea pot and the groundhog to go with the flamingo, I wasn't wanting to spend a lot of these items so I tried to think where I could get them, I found them at the supermarket on the pet aisle both the stuffed groundhog (dog toy) and a grey mouse (cat toy) both for under three dollars. So I thought Perfect and you could not tell that they were pet toys. I found labels at the super market and labeled drink me on them and placed them on all the tea cups and tea pots. I wanted the kids tea table to be the main attraction, so it was 3 long fold out tables, three different color table cloths, on the end of the table was the Birthday girls chair which was decorated with a colorful top hat on the back of the chair and 5 different color ballons, each child had their own proper place setting the place mats were different colors and all it was was the large sheets of construction paper which I purchased at the super market, they also had their plate, cup, fork, napkin and spoon(all which was purchased at the dollar tree). They also had there name tag so each child would know where to sit. I googled the proper etiquette for a place setting and the tea table turned out Perfect! In the middle of the table was a silver tea pot, creamer, and sugar bowl, the mouse was inside the tea pot and the lid was open just enough where you could see it poping out. There was the three flower arrangements I made on the tea table also and a couple other cute tea pots, cups and saucers. The adults tables, we cut out red hearts out of consturction paper and placed on the tables, also sepereated out a few playing cards and there was a mix match tea pot, tea cup, and saucer at each adult table.

Decorations for Food tables: I had come across a Alice and wonderland book wrote by Lewis Carol a couple of years ago that went on the cake table along with pictures that I framed, I took my daughters pictures in her Alice costume before the party. There was also two tall candle holders with blue candles on the cake table, another top hat that I found on clearance after halloween, with a little sign that said Why is a raven like a writing desk?, I also had the little bottles with drink me on them and a plate full of whole mushrooms.

Food: My mother does cakes and I wanted the cake to be as original as it could to the movie, my mom did a wonderful job it turned out almost identical to the movie!, We made sugar cookies that had eat me and try me wrote on them, I bought to large cookie cutters to use on the sandwhiches we served ham and cheese that were cut out as flowers, turkey and cheese that were cut out as hearts, and triangles that were peanut butter and jelly, there were four sauces with different kinds of mayonaise and mustard that had the tags on them labeling what they were, there was artichoke dip and chips, regular chips and dip, olive, pickle and cheese cube tray, cucumber sandwhiches, fruit with fruit dip, nuts, soup and crackers, and little smoked wiennies. We served tea and apple juice in large tea pots and also had soda's for anyone who didn't want the other choices. I found the Alice and Wonderland soundtrack online on sale and got it and played the music during the party.

On the door coming in to the party was a sign out of poster board I made that said Wonderland and I used glue and glitter to make it stand out and be shiny, there were arrows cut out of large sheets of construction paper that said this way, that way that were leading to the tea table, we taped those to the floor at the entrance of the building. I borrowed two large trees from our church and we bought some red and white roses at the dollar store, I painted a little red on the white roses and we layed the long stems through the fake trees and made it look like rose bushes and my mother painted a 4 foot card man that was holding a paint brush with red paint on it and he had a paint bucked painted like he was holding it full of red paint, it looked so much like a card man from the movie, she also painted a chesire cat face on poster board and we made smiles out of white copy paper for the game pin the smile on Chesire the Cat.

Party Favors, I come across Alice and wonderland books at the dollar tree and they were nice size books for one Dollar!! so each child recieved a book and a small bag with bubbles and play dough and a couple pieces of candy. We did not have a gift table I left enough room in between the rose bush trees and everyone placed there gifts there and it made some really cute pictures of the birthday girl sitting there opening her gifts beside the rose bushes and card man, I also wanted to include some of the other characters from the movie, my friends little boy come as twiddle dee, and I went to clip art and printed the catipillar, march hare, queen and alice, mad hatter, white rabbit, chesire cat, pictures on 8x10 copy paper and we posted those up on the walls around the food tables. It turned out so cute, everyone loved her pary, it really turned out very memorable!!! I hope my ideas help someone who is planning a Alice party, it is a lot of fun and not to expensive if you research everything before you buy it look for the best deals, shop at the dollar tree and thrift stores for a lot of the items needed, it does take up a good bit of time but it was all worth it!!!

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