Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland 3yr - Teapot Invites




Hannah in Miami Beach, Florida, USA


October 2010



My daughter Hannah loves both versions of Disney's Alice in Wonderland and requested to have an Alice theme for her 3rd birthday party.  However, the birthday supplies you can get in stores are very limited so being creative is a must. 

For the invitations my mother and I drew teapots on blue construction paper and cut them with an xacto knife, once we had all cutouts, we printed the party information on vellum paper that we cut to fit the middle of the teapot and glued to top of it on the lid of the teapot, then we cut only lids and glued them on top of the original teapot to cover the top of the vellum.

Then we decorated the invitation with glitter and on the back we put a trademark: Homemade by Mom and Grandma Co."   The invitation read:  "The Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts invite you to a tea party in Wonderland to Celebrate Hannah's 3rd Birthday go down the Rabbit's Hole to: (address)." I printed  big tags that said "Drink Me" and put them on several wine bottles that were placed around the party area (for adults) and small tags for the kids' drinks. I wasn't able to find table covers with Alice's picture so I bought three with butterflies and flowers.

We reserved the social area of our building so we had several tables and chairs.  I put two long tables together forming an "L" and dressed them with the butterflies covers and light blue table skirts one table had sweets and the other had salty snacks. 

I had two cakes one made with fondant that looked like a tea table with the teapot cups and the mad hatter had on top  the other cake had two levels top level said: "Eat Me" and the lower level was decorated with daisies with smiley faces. I had mazipan sweets in the shape of pocket clocks and green hats.  

The third was a special table set for tea with different colors of plastic teapots and cups and hot pink paper plates the napkins had holders that I made with clip art of all the characters of Alice in Wonderland (Chechire Cat Mad Hatter Rabbit Queen of Hearts) and in the middle I place a card that said: "Reserved for Hannah's Little Friends" that card had the Mad Hatter and Hare clip art.  Hannah and her friends ate their food and played tea at that table. 

All other tables had light blue covers. On the columns of the room I put signs that I made with construction paper saying "That Way"  and "This way". The construction paper was light brown and I drew with a dark brown marker to make it look like wood I cut separately a small bush that I drew and attached to the base of the sign so it looked like it was standing on grass. At the bar area I hanged a bottle opener in the shape of a skeleton key that I was able to find in a novelty store.

According to the invitations the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter hosted the party so my husband wore a huge green Mad Hatter hat and I wore a  black outfit red nails red accessories and a gold paper crown that I decorated with hearts that I cut from  a red paper.  Hannah wore a beautiful blue dress that my mother had tailored for her a white lace apron and a dark blue headband.  We had balloons with helium around the room and hot pink and blue paper decorations hanging from the roof.  We got lots of compliments from our friends.  It was fun!!    "

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