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Zorro Party

Zorro Party -4yr- Zorro Character




Justine in Braidwood


May 2003



My 4 year old son was really into Zorro. We threw him a surprise Zorro  birthday part for him on his fourth birthday.

We invited several friends  cooked hot dogs and served them up on mini swords. I bought some  felt and mad mini Zorro masks for all of the kids. They were cheap and  easy to make.

I went to the Dollar store and bought swords for all of the  kids. Then I hired some one to come in dressed as Zorro. He brought  the swords along and played games. As the prize for winning a game  Zorro handed out the swords. 

We played pin the tale on Zorro's horse.  Hot Potato with a bag of gold was a big hit. Everytime one of the kids  got out they got a chocolate gold coin out of the bag of gold.

This party  was a hit. The kids had a blast and before they left Zorro put the sign for  Zorro on each of them and told them they now had the mark of Zorro! It  was a blast.

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